Why Spring Skiing In Niseko With Kids Rocks?

Spring Skiing

Spring Skiing In Niseko with Kids

Thousands of skiers flock to Niseko over Christmas, New Year, and CNY, all in search of the famous powder snow that the resort has become known for world-wide. And, while it is true that there’s no better time for deep powder snow than the peak mid-December to February period, many are overlooking what might just be Niseko’s best-kept secret: its spring skiing.

There are lots of benefits to taking a Niseko ski holiday from March onwards, especially if you’re bringing kids on the trip, are new to the sport, or like to see a glimpse of blue sky from time to time! Here are our top reasons for visiting Niseko in spring.


    Unless you and your kids are expert skiers or snowboarders looking for waist-deep powder, spring is as good a time as any, if not the best, to acquaint yourself with the Niseko slopes. The groomed runs are likely to be in good condition, you won’t find yourself stuck in heavy powder (it can be difficult) and the visibility is generally very good – making it much easier to find your way around the mountain. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about riders constantly speeding past you, because the slopes are much less crowded. Which brings us to our next point…


    Skiing amongst the Christmas and New Year masses can feel unsettling for those who like the comfort of space. Uncrowded spring slopes provide a much more relaxed experience. In addition, lift lines are short or non-existent, ski school classes tend to be smaller and there’s no jockeying for tables at the on-mountain restaurants!


    Spring in Niseko is a bargain hunter’s paradise, with discounts and special offers available on virtually everything, from accommodation, to snowsports lessons, to equipment rental. Niseko's official snowsports school, offers free kids lessons for any adult group or private lesson booked from March onwards.


    Taking in the stunning alpine views is one of the best aspects of skiing in Niseko. On a perfect bluebird day, there is nothing more breathtaking than the dramatic sight of the snowcapped Mt. Yotei – a view that it often missed completely by holidaymakers visiting the resort during the peak period (when clouds and fog can make visibility very limited). Spring is the time for clear, sunny skies, sunshine and, most importantly, great family photos! Plus, if your kids feel the cold easily, they’ll appreciate the milder weather and manage longer periods outside.



    Hokkaido’s famous cherry blossoms typically bloom in the second half of April or early May, right as the Niseko ski season is winding down. If you time things right, you can squeeze two of Japan’s iconic travel experiences into the one trip!

  • 6. EAT

    From sushi to ramen, Niseko is famous for its food! From Michelin starred favorites to the best Hirafu restaurants to enjoy as a family - it's all here. What's more? We have included the best places to eat for lunch on and near the mountain as well - enjoy!

    Niseko's Best Restaurantshttps://www.littlestepsasia.com/all-cities/articles/travel/best-family-friendly-restaurants-niseko

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