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Galt Toys-Unique-Gifts-For-Kids

Gifting can be fun yet finding a gift can sometimes be anything but enjoyable. We have done the thinking for you and picked out some of our favorite finds for the little ones. Toys are one of the top picks for the young ones. They provide an avenue for children to learn about themselves and develop their self expression through storytelling, art and creation. This contributes to their development journey while providing endless hours of fun. Check out some of our top picks here.

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  • LeapFrog-Unique-Gifts-For-Kids

    My Pal Smarty Paws: LEAPFROG *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    Interactive plush toy

    This cuddly puppy plushie is a great interactive companion for your child. Featuring touch sensors on the front paws that activates a range of music, games and mindfulness exercises to engage the little ones. This introduces a range of early learning concepts like numbers and alphabets. You can also connect it to your smart phone or device to program your child’s name and interests, to personalize the melodies and activities.

    Recommended for children aged 6 months old to 3 years old.


  • Doona-Unique-Gifts-For-Kids

    Liki Trike: DOONA *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    Multifunctional and portable trike

    Designed to encourage toddlers to explore the world with ease, the Doona Liki Trike series can be folded and assembled into different modes with a click of a button. Engineered to grow with your child, the trike can be converted from a stroller to a tricycle. The compact design makes it easy to fit into the trunk of a car or when bringing it onto an airplane. It also comes with a dual parent and child steering system for a safe and easy ride.

    Recommended for children aged 10 months old to 3 years old.


  • Building Blocks: ABEL *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    Encourages creativity and teamwork 

    Handcrafted using beech wood, the unique curve shape of the blocks can be stacked to create numerous designs like mandalas and towers. The blocks provide children an opportunity to develop motor skills, creativity and imagination. It is also a great activity to teach children to work together to complete a task. Each set comes in a beautiful wooden box for easy storage and can be expanded later with other Abel sets.

    Recommended for children aged 2 years old and older.


  • Skoolzy-Unique-Gifts-For-Kids

    Pegboard Set: SKOOLZY *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    Montessori based fine motor skills toy

    Offering a range of high quality toys without the need of batteries or smart devices, the Pegboard Set is an intuitive way for children to learn math. The jumbo pegs are easy for small fingers to grasp and stack on the boards. There are various activities it can be used for such as learning basic math, color recognition, patterning and more. The Skoolzy drawstring backpack also makes it easy to store all the pieces and carry it around.

    Recommended for children aged 2 years old and older.


  • Wooden Animal Toys: MIKHEEV MANUFACTORY *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    Quality wooden toys 

    Made using solid wood from birch, ash or oak tree and colored with water-based paint, Mikheev Manufactory’s range of wooden toys are also designed with rounded edges to ensure the safety of every child. Their collection focuses on animals, birds and trees. Their toys help to introduce the beauty of animals and also encourages storytelling to boost your child’s creativity while bringing nature closer to home amidst the urban city life.

    Recommended for children aged 2 years old and older.

    Mikheev Manufactory, 

  • Gigo_robots_junior_engineer-Unique-Gifts-For-Kids

    Junior Engineer Robotos: GIGO *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    Broad range of construction toys

    Well known for their extensive range of construction toys, their junior engineer range features a variety of amazing designs like vehicles, animals and working tools. In their robot collection, the little ones can assemble the robot models from scratch. Built in with a gear wheel feature, the robots can move about as it is pushed. The kit also comes with an illustrated storybook depicting the robots as characters in stories, so children can unleash their imagination and creativity while building.

    Recommended for children aged 3 years old and older.


  • Galt Toys-Unique-Gifts-For-Kids

    Water Magic Coloring Pad: GALT TOYS *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    Reusable coloring pad 

    Dedicated to producing and selling quality toys since the 1960s, Galt toys are designed to inspire learning and support child development through play and colors. Their Water Magic coloring pad features reusable pictures and a water pen which can be used to reveal the hidden pictures over and over again. Compact and mess-free, it is a sustainable gift which can help to develop their motor skills and creativity.

    Recommended for children aged 3 years old and older.

    Galt Toys,

  • Magna-Tile-Unique-Gifts-For-Kids

    Classic Magna-Tiles: MAGNA-TILES *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    High quality tiles which encourages imaginative play

    Developed in the 1990s, the ever-versatile Magna Tiles is an amazing learning tool to foster creativity in young minds. Each set comes with translucent shapes in various eye-popping colors and with magnets along its edges to connect the pieces together easily. These colorful tiles are a great way to challenge your child’s engineering abilities, teach them about colors and foster creativity while providing hours of fun too.

    Recommended for children aged 3 years old and older.


  • Tangram Puzzle Book: SCIENCE KITS SG *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    Science related toys at affordable prices 

    Science Kits SG offers a wide range of quality science kits at affordable prices. Inspired by their passion for children to learn through play, the science kits are designed to help develop their critical-thinking skills. Their tangram kit includes colorful shapes and a self-guided book with different diagrams for you to follow - the perfect activity for you and your little one. The kit also comes with a magnetic book so it is easy to bring around.

    Recommended for children aged 3 years old and older.

    Science Kits SG,

  • Plus Plus-Unique-Gifts-For-Kids

    Learn To Build: PLUS PLUS *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    Creative construction toy

    Recognised as an award winning toy, Plus-Plus is inspired by various artworks and architectural designs, to stimulate your child’s motor skills, creativity, focus and patience. The blocks come in various sizes and colors, which can be mixed and interlocked to form 2D and 3D figures. Made from BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic, the products are 100% recyclable and washable. Each set also comes with an idea booklet with step-by-step instructions to get everyone started on the building process.

    Recommended for children aged 3 years old and older.

    Plus Plus,

  • Ooly-Unique-Gifts-For-Kids

    Play Again Activity Kit: OOLY *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    Fuss-free reusable sticker activity book 

    Create fun scenes in a city, prehistoric period or pet store in this interactive sticker book. The activity book comes with over 30 reusable stickers and various activity pages like tic tac toe and play scene. The stickers can be peeled and reused over and over again, creating endless playtime for your kids anywhere with no mess! The activity kit comes with a lightweight hard cover, making it easy to bring around for travel.

    Recommended for children aged 3 years old and older.


  • LaQ-Unique-Gifts-For-Kids

    Basic Series: LAQ *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    Versatile building blocks

    Built upon the culture and values of traditional Japanese architecture and recycling, the high quality and simple design of LaQ blocks allows infinite creative construction possibilities. Each piece can be connected easily with a click and snap, which makes building a satisfying experience. Available in different colors and shapes, it allows kids to start with simple shapes to build their own creations and develop their imagination.

    Recommended for children aged 4 years old and older.


  • Loog Guitars-Unique-Gifts-For-Kids

    Mini Acoustic: LOOG GUITARS *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    Mini guitar for the kids Multifunctional Story 

    Introduce music to your children with this guitar collection, specially crafted for the young ones before they transition to the full-sized instrument. This three-string instrument is designed to feel and function like a real guitar, as well as make it fun and stimulating for children to learn music. Their Mini acoustic guitar comes in multiple colors for you to choose from. Each purchase also comes with flashcards, free video lessons and access to the learning app.

    Recommended for children aged 3 to 12 years old.

    Loog Guitars, 

  • Mideer-Unique-Gifts-For-Kids

    Projector: MIDEER *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    Multifunctional projector

    This all rounded projector is specially designed to function as a projector, storybook, flashlight and night lamp. You can switch between modes with a simple touch of a button. The packaging includes mini film reels of popular fairytales like Pinocchio and Cinderella which can be screened using the projector mode. It also comes along with a picture book of each story, which provides a great way to stimulate your child’s language expression. Lightweight and compact, it is easy to pack on the go.

    Recommended for children aged 3 to 12 years old.


  • Woonderful Life-Unique-Gifts-For-Kids

    Wooden Music Box: WOONDERFUL LIFE *Unique Gifts For Kids In Singapore

    Sentimental gift suitable for all ages

    Woonderful Life offers a large collection of wooden music boxes crafted into traditional and modern designs. Their wide range of music boxes includes classic disney characters, jewelry boxes and even multi-functional ones that come with a built-in MP3 player and LED digital clock! Handcrafted with premium wood and paired with high quality tunes, it is a great gift that is suitable for any occasion and can be passed down for generations.

    Recommended for children aged 12 years old and older.

    Woonderful Life,

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