Best Subscription Activity And Sensory Boxes For Kids In Singapore

Science, Exploration, Crafts, Books & More!

Subscription Activity Boxes For Kids In Singapore

Out with digital play and in with hands-on activities and sensory exploration! Subscription boxes filled with craft, science, math, reading materials, and other learning resources are just what kiddos of this generation need to move them away from the screen and focus on pure, sensory play to enhance their knowledge. These boxes are packed with goodness and a godsend for busy moms. So how do they work? Simply order a single or a series of boxes that will be sent to your little one each month. Every box is varied, so no worries about repeated activities or materials. This is one sure way to light up your tot’s face when he/she receives a box filled with goodies. Here’s to ingenuity, infinite possibilities, endless knowledge and a whole lot of fun!


  • Kids-Subscription-Boxes-My-Messy-Box-Singapore

    MY MESSY BOX - Sensory Play Subscription Boxes

    A subscription service dedicated to providing your kids with a hands-on learning experience, My Messy Box focuses on bringing messy-sensory play into your crib with play tools and resources that encourage sensory exploration. Such explorations include activities like sifting sand, splashing water or even crushing paper to create an art piece. Messy as these may seem, that’s the whole point as learning opportunities are created amidst the mess! Each box is based on a theme like ‘Sea of Dreams’ or ‘The Whimsical Garden’, and contains 3 different packs – Active, Creative, and Explorative – with materials catering to the 3 respective types of play. We love their boxes dedicated to countries around the world and also the Prehistoric Collection for dino lovers! Boxes are suitable for 14 months to 6 year olds.

    Subscription Plans: Monthly SG$148, Travel Collection $128 (Pre-order); Prehistoric Collection SG$188

    Where to find it: www.mymessybox.sg

  • KIWICO - STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) Subscription Boxes

    Designed for ages 0 to 16+ and even grown-ups, KiwiCo allows you to give your kids opportunities to learn about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) in ingenious, hands-on ways. KiwiCo ensures that every other month your child looks forward to something new to create and explore. These boxes are designed right to the T and are superbly educational, creative, fuss-free, and engaging. Little ones have the opportunities to explore and discover in entertaining, interactive ways, while older kids/teens can delve deeper into topics like art, design as well as engineering. With 8 different lines to choose from based on age groups, KiwiCo's crates will come loaded with projects that everyone, even moms and dads will look forward to every other month!

    Subscription Plans: 1 crate every 2 months from SG$20.64 onwards for a 12-month subscription. Prices vary across age groups and the duration of plans. Get 50% for the first month with the code BESTGIFT or SUMMER. *You will be charged in USD. Prices in SG on the site are estimates.

    Where to find it: KiwiCo, www.kiwico.com

  • Best-Subscription-Boxes-Josh-&-Cherie-Books-Singapore

    JOSH & CHERIE - English & Mandarin Books Subscription Boxes

    Who would have thought that you can get a monthly subscription of classic and award-winning books delivered right to your doorstep for your little bubs? The husband-and-wife team behind Josh & Cherie did just that. It's the only package service that caters to reads for 0 to 18-month-olds, who get 3 board books per month. Older kiddos get up to 7 books on a monthly basis. What's cool about this subscription service is that you can even add Mandarin books into the pack to cultivate your kid's love for the language! More info here. They've also expanded beyond book subscriptions over the years to include educational toys and games and even an e-commerce discount bookstore, Friendly Giant Books.

    Subscription Plans: Monthly SG$33.90, 6 Months SG$197.40, 12 Months SG$382.80 

    Where to find it: Josh & Cherie, www.joshandcheriebooks.com

  • Best-Kids-Subscription-Boxes-Squizzel-Box-Singapore

    SQUIZZEL BOX - Thematic Activities Subscription Boxes

    Squizzel Box is a monthly subscription learning package packed with fun hands-on activities for children aged 3 and above. Developed in consultation with teachers, the play-based activities are designed to help children learn and hone the 7 key developmental skills vital in preschool education - cognitive development, language and literacy, motor skills development, numeracy, social & emotional development, the discovery of the world, and aesthetics & creative expression. Focusing on a new theme each month, the thematic activities (with materials provided) allow children to explore, create, learn and most importantly, have tons of fun! To further enhance learning, extension activity ideas and suggested reading lists are also included.

    Subscription Plan: Monthy SG$43.90. Have more than 1 child? Instead of buying 2 of the same box, simply purchase a sibling pack. It comes with all the consumable materials such as craft materials and tools.

    Where to find it: Squizzel Box, www.squizzelbox.com

  • Best-Kids-Subscription-Boxes-One-Happy-Book-Singapore

    ONE HAPPY BOOK - Children's Book Subscription Boxes

    One Happy Book caters to kids from newborns up to age 7 and customizes books based on the development stages, as well as your child's interests. Their subscription service creates a fun learning experience for your little ones as they are exposed to a wide selection of books that vary from storyboard books, picture books, sticker books to wipe-clean learning activity books. If you want to try out their service, opt for the 1-month trial subscription. More information here.

    Subscription Plans: From SG$19.90 for 2 books for ages 0-6 months. Family bundle for 4 kids, 4 books SG$45.90. More info here.

    Where to find it: One Happy Book, www.onehappybook.com

  • Best-Kids-Subscription-Boxes-Little-Passports-Singapore

    LITTLE PASSPORTS - Culture, Geography & STEM Subscription Boxes

    If your little one is an aspiring geographer and would love to discover the world, a Little Passports subscription is definitely for him/her. Every month, your kiddo will receive a box filled with resources about the location, culture, and language of a different country. Items include stickers, activity sheets, souvenirs, and access to online games, all of which encourage your little ones to explore the world and ignite their road to discovery! There are 5 different boxes with activities spanning across different cultures, geography, and STEM activities. Each box is categorized according to age groups. Suitable for ages 3 to 12 years. More info here. Get 20% off any purchase now. Use code SUMMER.
    Subscription Plans: Monthly USD$24.95, 6 Months USD$137.70, 12 Months USD$251.40 (not including shipping to Singapore). This is only for the Early Explorers boxes. For other options, click here.
    Where to find it: Little Passports, www.littlepassports.com

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    ElliFun Box - Monterssori-inspired Boxes

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    Ivy Kids Kits - STEAM Kits

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