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Fun And Quirky Packaging For Your Gifts

Unique Gift Wrapping Services Singapore

With Christmas just around the corner, this magical season of giving calls for gift shopping! The amazing part of wrapping your gifts is that element of surprise. It is also an effortless way to transform your gift to suit any occasion. The anticipation of unveiling a beautifully wrapped gift can be an exciting experience for all ages. With so many styles of gift wraps to choose from, we have picked out some of our favorite gift wrap collections and gift wrapping services to dress up your presents.

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  • Gifts Greetings-Unique-Gift-Wrapping-Services-And-Papers

    GIFTS GREETINGS *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    Multiple stores around the island

    This one-stop gift store, conveniently located in multiple locations around the island, offers an extensive selection of gift wrapping materials to dress up your present. You can find everything from gift wraps, gift boxes and accessories like ribbons and shredded paper. Their wrapping paper comes in various colors and designs which can be used for any occasion. There are also environmentally friendly gift wrap options, made with green paper and soy ink.

    Check website for opening hours.

    Gifts Greetings, check website for locations, 

  • Eileen Town Gift Shop-Unique-Gift-Wrapping-Services-And-Papers

    EILEEN TOWN GIFT SHOP *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    Customized gift wrapping services

    Check out the huge selection of unique gifts including ferrero rocher money bouquets and mahjong night light at Eileen Town Gift Shop. The store offers an amazing range of gift boxes and add-ons like popup greeting cards, colorful ribbons and gift bags. The store offers gift wrapping services from just S$ 3 onwards and wrapping papers from S$1 to S$3 per sheet. You can also bring along your own gift, even if it’s bought outside the store, and let the team work their magic.

    Opens weekdays 11am to 9pm.

    Eileen Town Gift Shop, 91 Bencoolen Street #01-07 Singapore 189652,

  • MintonRibbons-Unique-Gift-Wrapping-Services-And-Papers

    MINTONRIBBONS *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    Wide variety of ribbons and wrappers

    Singapore’s leading ribbon supplier is home to a huge assortment of ribbons in a variety of colors, materials and designs. To accompany the amazing range of ribbons, the store also offers various types of gift wrappers. Besides wrapping papers, their range of wrappers also includes semi-waterproof, mesh, plastic and more. To enjoy discounted rates, do check out their clearance range which offers price reductions of up to 40%!

    Opens weekdays 10am to 6pm, Saturdays 10am to 5pm.

    MintonRibbons, 36 Arab St Singapore 199735, 

  • PACKEVERYTHING *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    Wrapping materials at competitive prices

    Offering a variety of gift wrapping materials like wrapping papers, gift boxes and gift bags at affordable prices, Packeverything is your one-stop store for all your wrapping needs. Their collection includes kraft papers, printed wrappers, wax paraffin papers, bubble rolls and more! They also carry gift tags, colored paper bags and ribbons to decorate your present. Check out their website for coupon codes to enjoy discounts off your purchases.

    Opens weekdays 9am to 5.45pm, Saturdays 9am to 12.45pm.

    Packeverything, 1 Ubi View, Focus One, #01-05 Singapore Postal Code 408555, 

  • Klosh-Unique-Gift-Wrapping-Services-And-Papers

    KLOSH *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    Personalized gift services 

    At Klosh, you can tap onto their huge range of gift-giving services and products for any occasion. From gift wrappers, boxes and cards, don’t forget to check out their curated collection which has simple floral prints, abstract art and iconic designs like disney characters. That’s not all! You can also personalize your gift with their laser engraving services or level up your letters with their handwriting service.

    Check website for opening hours.

    Klosh, check website for location,

  • Packink-Unique-Gift-Wrapping-Services-And-Papers

    PACKINK *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    Custom and eco-friendly packaging options

    Add your personal touch and design a customized gift wrap this holiday season with Packink. Offering high quality custom packaging materials available at low quantity, many of their products are made of recycled materials too. Design your own mailing bag, sticker and gift box from scratch or check out their pre-designed packaging, with simple prints and quotes. The store also offers ready-made wrapping products which can be shipped within the next working day.

    Opens weekdays 9am to 6pm.

    Packink, 8 Boon Lay Way Tradehub 21 #08-06 Singapore 609964, 

  • Paperworks-Unique-Gift-Wrapping-Services-And-Papers

    PAPERWORKS *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    Quirky wrapping papers and greeting cards 

    Sourced from all around the world, shop at Paperworks for their specially curated selection of high quality gift packaging materials and greeting cards. Take your pick from the variety of quirky graphics like dinosaurs, superheroes, birthday balloons and more. They also offer confetti bows and ribbons, and a huge collection of humor greeting cards, which are great finishing touches to add to your present. Enjoy free shipping within Singapore when you purchase above S$ 50.

    Paperworks, 48 Hillview Ave Building #07-02 Singapore 669269,

  • MillionParcel-Unique-Gift-Wrapping-Services-And-Papers

    MILLIONPARCEL *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    Huge selection of gift packing materials

    Browse the huge selection of affordable gift packaging and materials including wrapping paper, gift pouch and even LED fairy lights at MillionParcel this festive season. Their wrapping papers, gift boxes and paper bags come in various materials and designs, and even have multiple features like ziplocks, window designs, thermal bags and more. There are also stickers available, designed for different festive seasons and events. For just S$ 20 onwards, you can enjoy free shipping within Singapore.

    Opens weekdays 10am to 6pm, Saturdays 10am to 1pm.

    MillionParcel, 22 Pioneer Cres, #03-06A West Park BizCentral, Singapore 628556, 

  • Common Joys-Unique-Gift-Wrapping-Services-And-Papers

    COMMON JOYS *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    Gift wraps with playful art prints

    Bringing together works from innovative designers from all around the world, jazz up your gift with the unique selection of printed gift wraps and greeting cards at Common Joys. Their selection of gift wrapping sheets includes playful designs like tropical jungle prints, reindeers and hand drawn illustrations. Not forgetting their charming collection of printed gift tags and gift bags to complete your gift.

    Online store.

    Common Joys, online store, 

  • Cards for Occasions-Unique-Gift-Wrapping-Services-And-Papers

    CARDS FOR OCCASIONS *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    Greeting cards and gift wraps for any occasion

    Cards for Occasions offers a variety of gift wrapping products for any event or occasion. In addition to their huge collection of gift cards, their gift wrapping sheets are available in a wide range of designs suitable for festive seasons, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and more! For orders above $20, you can opt for free delivery and top up a small fee to enjoy same day delivery.

    Opens weekdays 9am to 6pm, Saturdays 10am to 4pm.

    Cards for Occasions, online store,

  • Paparaty-Unique-Gift-Wrapping-Services-And-Papers

    PAPARATY *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    Themed wrapping paper and gift boxes 

    From everydays gifts to gift packaging and personalized gifts, shop for your gifting needs at Paparaty for the coming holidays! The store carries various themed wrapping papers and gift boxes to help perfect your gifting experience. You can find wrapping papers and gift boxes in various designs and textures like red foil wrapping paper, confetti wrapping paper and more. Many of their gift packaging are also made of high quality recycled materials as a more eco-friendly option.

    Paparaty, 22 New Industrial Road Primas #02-25/26, Singapore 536208, 

  • Left-handesign-Unique-Gift-Wrapping-Services-And-Papers

    LEFT-HANDESIGN *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    Eco-friendly gift packaging

    Celebrate the art of giving and giving back to the environment with Left-handesign eco-friendly gift packaging collection. Printed on premium kraft paper, their minimalist patterns are perfect for any occasion all year round. As Singapore’s first plantable lifestyle brand, check out their plantable and biodegradable gift tags and greeting cards. These tags and cards can be planted into a herb instead of the trash - an excellent zero waste alternative.

    Check website for opening hours.

    Left-handesign, check website for location, 

  • Sift and Pick-Unique-Gift-Wrapping-Services-And-Papers

    SIFT AND PICK *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    Reusable and multi-functional gift wrapping option

    If you are looking for a sustainable alternative to wrapping papers, opt for Furoshiki, a reusable Japanese-inspired cloth commonly used for wrapping gifts. Besides gift wrapping, it can also function as a shopping bag or picnic mat. The Furoshiki Lah! collection at Sift and Pick offers these multicolored cloths in a variety of Japanese inspired designs like the fortune cat and sakura prints. Some of their designs are reversible so you can wear 2 different looks for the price of 1!

    Opens daily 12pm to 9pm.

    Sift and Pick, Changi Airport Terminal 3, Unit B2-35, Singapore 819663, 

  • THEPOSTALSUPPLIES.COM *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    Gift wrapping supplies at competitive prices

    Multiple presents to wrap? Fret not! At ThePostalSupplies.Com, you can find a huge supply of wrappers, boxes and cards at competitive prices. Check out their eco-friendly packaging collection, made of recycled or renewable materials, and are available in various types like kraft wrapping, colored wrapping tissue papers, recyclable paper bags and more. They even carry a variety of twines and gift tags in multiple colors and catered for various occasions.

    Opens weekdays 10am to 6pm.

    ThePostalSupplies.Com, 28 Kallang Place #03-08 Singapore 339158, 

  • Gifts&-Unique-Gift-Wrapping-Services-And-Papers

    GIFTS& *Unique Gift Wrapping Services And Papers

    High quality flower wrapping papers and decorations

    At Gifts&, you can find a wide variety of florist supplies, including beautiful bouquet wrapping papers that can also double up as a gift wrapping sheet. Their wrappers are available in different colors and various materials like kraft papers, silk, natural fiber and more. Add on some ornaments to your gift with their decorative materials collection, featuring artificial flowers, lace ribbons and feather trimmings to spruce up your present.

    Opens weekdays 9am to 6pm, Saturdays 9am to 1pm.

    Gifts&, 222 Tagore Ln, #04-06 TG Building, Singapore 787603, 

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