Learning Virtually With Singapore Zoo

Experience The Animal Kingdom From Home!

Singapore Zoo allows you to experience all the educational opportunities in the animal kingdom from the comfort of your home! While the zoo is temporarily closed and kids are home from school, trust them to make your children’s hiatus from school fun and educational.

Animals We Love: Komodo Dragons

The  Komodo dragon  is  one of Indonesia’s national treasures and the world’s largest living lizard.   Found only on five Indonesian islands, including Komodo Island,  Komodo dragons  are  difficult to breed  under human care. Love Komodo dragons? Look out for a learning kit jam-packed with activities you can do with your kids.

Outdoor Learning Recipe Cards

Developed together with early childhood specialists, Ms Drizzle Hshieh (Roots and Boots) and Ms Lavina Chong (Wigglepods), use these outdoor learning strategies and activity ideas focused on nature play pedagogy, music and movement to plan your next learning journey to Singapore Zoo’s parks.

Circle of Life worksheet

Make learning visible and guide the kiddos self-directed observations of animals with these worksheets. Worksheets include observations of: predators, prey, pollinators, detritivores, and seed dispersers.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

The Zoo is home to wild animals too! Team up with friends and family to find as many items as possible on this list during your visit.

Find all the resources HERE!

What Else:​

Trust Singapore Zoo to make your children's hiatus from school fun and educational with loads of jam-packed resources.

Where To Find It:​

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