Hello From The Wild Side At Singapore Wildlife Parks

Behind The Scenes With The Zookeepers!

2021 Jun 12 - 2021 Jun 25


Hello From The Wild Side is back, wilder than before! Book a live, interactive virtual experience and discover the unique personalities of the zoo family – animals, their care team, and more! Meet the zookeepers who will be on hand to chat with you, share their passions and answer all that you are curious about! Contributions go towards the care of the animals and support wildlife conservation efforts. From just SG$10 a session, go behind the scenes and learn what goes into keeping our animals healthy and happy! Get the chance to interact with the many individuals involved in running our wildlife parks. There will also be a wider variety of topics covered such as Animal Behaviour and Training, Animal Care, Wildlife Nutrition, Ask a Zookeeper, and many more! All sessions are conducted in English. More information here.

Animal Care – Baby Rhinoceros @ Singapore Zoo

Date: June 12, 2021, Saturday @ 10am

Be one of the first to meet the newest addition to the rhinoceros family and his dedicated keeper Indah at Singapore Zoo. Find out how Indah cares for this little bundle of joy and the antics he has been up to!

Animal Behaviour and Training @ Singapore Zoo

Date: June 19, 2021, Saturday @ 10am

Meet Natalie and Hanna, the animal trainers from the Animal Friends Show at Singapore Zoo! In this session, they will show you all the skills needed to bring out the best in a group of domesticated animals such as parrots, cats, and dogs! These skills can be applied to your own pets too.

Emperor Tamarin @ River Safari

Date: June 25, 2021, Friday @ 10am

Meet our playful Emperor Tamarins and their dedicated keeper, Ken, who discovered his passion for animals from a young age.

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