Little Bunnies In Singapore

The Open-Air Classroom

Little Bunnies Outdoor Preschool In Singapore

If a conventional school is not your thing then check out the pop-up open air classrooms at Little Bunnies! Run by two lovely ladies they want to expose your little ones minds to the great outdoors and embrace what nature has to offer, Little Bunnies goes beyond a classroom with four walls and into a world where nature is your school. Children learn and play surrounded by Singapore’s lush tropical landscape, nurturing a respect and understanding of how things grow and evolve on a daily basis.

Classrooms:  Held at green spaces in Singapore!  The Outdoor Classroom also has a premesis at Infinite studios at Mediapolis which offers an indoor/outdoor eco-friendly space for the kiddos to explore, discover, and play.

Activities:  A vegetable garden in Singapore’s Garden City is the perfect way to generate children’s curiosity in how things grow; as well as ‘getting dirty’ and having fun whilst learning by doing. Arts and crafts are a key part of the Little Bunnies projects, using a wide variety of recycled goods. Children are encouraged to bring interesting articles in from home that can be re-used and adapted into something new and exciting.  The schools musical instruments are also made by the children using a variety of recycled materials. Your little ones creative work is taken home regularly, providing an important communication link with parents.

If you’d like to join this wonderful Warren, take a visit today and hop into a world of outdoor adventure.


Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Perfect for kids who love being outdoors and getting back to nature.

Who It's Perfect For:

Any kiddo who loves getting dirty! Their garden is a great playground.

What Else:​

Mom and Dad can join in too!

Where To Find It:​

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