Top Financial Literacy Programs for Kids in Singapore

Comprehensive Programs To Educate Children About Finances

Financial Literacy Programs for Kids

Money management is a crucial life skill, which can begin at any age. However, good spending and saving habits often develop over time and hence it is helpful to introduce these habits from a young age. With rising inflation costs and growing passive income opportunities, it is important to equip the little ones with the financial literacy skills to prepare them for adulthood. Hence, we have curated a list of useful programs with helpful tips to teach the little bubs about responsible spending habits. Many of the websites also offer interactive and engaging activities to make learning about financial literacy fun.

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  • IFL-Financial-Literacy-Programs-for-Kids

    INSTITUTE FOR FINANCIAL LITERACY *Financial Literacy Programs for Kids

    Free financial education program for children 

    In collaboration with MoneySense and Singapore Polytechnic, the IFL offers free financial education programs to the public including topics like money management, financial planning and investment know-how. The program aims to equip participants with the knowledge of practicing good financial habits from young. Segregated by age groups, the learning objectives are designed to cater to the respective participants. Even kids from as young as 3 years old can attend the sessions.


    Institute for Financial Literacy, www.ifl.org.sg/money-sense-for-your-child/

  • Playmoolah-Financial-Literacy-Programs-for-Kids

    PLAYMOOLAH *Financial Literacy Programs for Kids

    Learn about financial literacy through a fun way

    In collaboration with National University of Singapore, this online platform is targeted to young children, to teach them about financial literacy in a fun and engaging way. There are workshops available, which introduce the value of money through various techniques to engage the kids like games, scenario building, storytelling and personalized learning approach. The website also offers access to various online course materials which are designed to be self-directed so you can easily read it up at your own time! Free

    Playmoolah, www.playmoolah.com

  • POSB-Financial-Literacy-Programs-for-Kids

    POSB *Financial Literacy Programmes for Kids

    Useful lessons and articles 

    Let your children learn about managing finances from the best. POSB, Singapore’s leading bank, has various lessons and online materials to educate children and parents about money savviness. Join Smiley, the bank’s iconic squirrel ambassador, and learn about managing money the smart way from their Teach Your Child Money Matters program. The sessions are curated to allow young audiences to learn through experience and each activity is about 20 minutes - suitable duration to engage the kids and to cater to busy schedules.


    POSB, www.posb.com.sg/teach-your-child-money-matters 

  • Moneytree-Financial-Literacy-Programs-for-Kids

    MONEYTREE *Financial Literacy Programs for Kids

    Framework with over 10 years of track record

    One of the leading financial education providers in Asia, MoneyTree aims to make financial literacy accessible to school children and parents alike. The platform offers a range of programs, which have been certified by government institutions like MOE and other leading institutions of higher learning. Targeted at children aged 7 onwards, their framework focuses on training children both extrinsically and intrinsically to develop their skills to approach financial decisions.

    Check website for fees.

    MoneyTree, www.moneytree.asia 

  • youthopia-Financial-Literacy-Programs-for-Kids

    YOUTHOPIA *Financial Literacy Programs for Kids

    Tailored for Singapore youths 

    Launched as a partnership between Tribal Worldwide Singapore and the National Youth Council, Youthopia is a one-stop platform for the latest content and trending topics about Singapore youths. You can find a range of resources and events relating to financial literacy including special features from The Woke Salaryman, Seedly and CPF. The website also has many useful tips and advice to guide readers through their financial journey.


    Youthopia, www.youthopia.sg//financial-literacy 

  • Star Horizon-Financial-Literacy-Programs-for-Kids

    STAR HORIZON *Financial Literacy Programs for Kids

    Extensive range of topics

    The financial literacy course offered by Star Horizon is designed according to the respective age groups, with the kids workshop customized for primary school students between 9 to 12 years old. Their syllabus covers multiple topics such as history of money, earning money, budgeting and more. The workshops are also conducted in various interactive modes through games, hands-on activities and storytelling to engage the younger participants.

    Check website for fees.

    Star Horizon, www.star-horizon.com/financial-literacy 

  • Eastspring Investments-Financial-Literacy-Programs-for-Kids

    EASTSPRING INVESTMENTS *Financial Literacy Programs for Kids

    Informational website with useful tips 

    A subsidiary of Prudential, the Eastspring investments’ Money Parenting initiative aims to empower parents with the know-hows to coach their children about finances. Their whitepaper identifies common personas in the market and the challenges parents across Asian markets face about money parenting. Based on these insights, you can find various useful tips on their website, like interviews and posts answering common questions about money. There is also a games and sing-along section for children to teach them about financial literacy through play.


    Eastspring Investments, www.eastspring.com/money-parenting

  • Frolic for Life-Financial-Literacy-Programs-for-Kids

    FROLIC FOR LIFE *Financial Literacy Programs for Kids

    Led by experienced team of coaches

    Specializing in family coaching, Frolic For Life aims to help families get the best out of life by focusing on family dynamics and various aspects of life including financial matters. Their financial literacy package, catered for children aged 8 to 17 years old, teaches essential concepts and skills about money management. You can choose between a private or group of 4 people, and the content can be customized to better suit your child’s age and life stage.

    From S$ 375 for 4 sessions.

    Frolic for Life, www.frolicforlife.com/financial-literacy-for-kids-package 

  • Growing Up Gifted-Financial-Literacy-Programs-for-Kids

    GROWING UP GIFTED *Financial Literacy Programs for Kids

    Hands-on learning experience 

    This leading enrichment center offers full day and half-day preschool programs for each kindergarten level. Their Growing Smart programs are designed to educate and inspire the children through all-rounded activities. This includes introducing number concepts and incorporating real life scenarios into their curriculum to teach preschoolers about money management. As part of experiential learning, children get to go to nearby supermarkets to purchase items with real money to cultivate their self-control and sense of responsibility.

    Check with campus for fees.

    Growing Up Gifted, www.gugifted.com 

  • OCBC-Financial-Literacy-Programs-for-Kids

    OCBC *Financial Literacy Programs for Kids

    Fun learning app and video content

    Introduce money management concepts to young children in a creative and engaging way, through OCBC Bank’s financial literacy app, The Mighty Savers. The app offers multiple educational games, each designed to put players into a realistic environment and to teach them about basic concepts of earning, saving or investing. Children can also follow the adventures of Mighty Savers team via the video campaigns, available on their website or youtube.


    OCBC, www.ocbc.com/thepowerofsaving

Additional Info:​

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Cashville Kidz, www.cashvillekidz.rocks

Cha-Ching, www.cha-ching.com

HSBC, www.hsbc.com.sg/finfit

Education10x, www.education10x.club

Money time, www.moneytimekids.com

National Financial Educators Council, www.financialeducatorscouncil.org

Sinda, www.sinda.org.sg/financial-literacy

SmooLah, www.skbi.smu.edu.sg/smoolah

CGS-CIMB Securities, www.cgs-cimb.com/investmentchallenge

Saffi Squirrel, www.saffisquirrel.com

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