Coronavirus Supplies To Buy Now In Singapore

Staying Safe And Healthy Together

During this challenging time of self-quarantining and social distancing, we’re all encouraged to stay home to avoid crowded spaces. Whether you’re planning to stay home for 14 days, or worried about not having the necessary items, preparing your home to be virus-ready is important! Make sure you and your family are protected with our top picks of essential items to buy for you and your family.


    The first signs of being positive for the coronavirus is your body temperature, and you’ll need a working thermometer to check on this. Even if you have a slight fever just above 37 degrees, you should consult your family doctor at your clinic immediately. It’s recommended to test your temperature twice a day, since you may have a fever even if you don’t necessarily feel it.


    Everything from our phones to doorknobs have germs and bacteria, and unfortunately our hands come into contact with many of these surfaces. To kill as much bacteria on our hands as possible, hand sanitizers are important to have with you at all times. Make sure to keep one at home by your door, and a travel-friendly one for when you’re headed out. Also remember, don’t touch your face!

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    Face masks will be useful to prevent the spread of germs through sneezing and coughing. If you’re having a minor cold, it’s advisable that you should wear these not just when you head outdoors, but when you’re at home as well! Being at home means closer contact with loved ones, so greater protection against bacteria is needed. If you want to take extra precaution when heading outside, you can also wear a mask to help with social distancing.

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    With restaurants, cafes and hawker centers all having to implement alternative seating arrangements to allow for social distancing, dining out will be less of an option in the coming weeks. Instead of waiting for limited seats, homecooked meals are the way to go. Take this time to get some additional food supplies for your home – be it snacks or ingredients for a hearty meal. You can also try new recipes with the whole fam!

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    Whether you’re feeling sick or not, having tissue and toilet rolls at home is important so that you can conveniently wipe away any bacteria or dirt. Although you don’t have to panic buy and stockpile, it’s best to ensure that you have enough stock for each room in your home, and for the coming weeks in the unfortunate event of a lockdown.


    If you're taking the kiddos to the nearby park or playground to get some fresh air, you’ll need to bring along a packet of wet wipes or two. Cleaning your hands and your little one’s after every activity is important as we tend to touch dirty surfaces before touching our faces – an act that can lead to quicker spread of diseases.


    While you can take precautions to stay safe from the coronavirus, your existing ailments may still persist during this period. Which is why it’s advisable that you ensure your kitchen cabinet has all the medicine you need in case of any unforeseen illnesses and emergencies, so you don’t have to rush to your nearest pharmacy for a stock up. Make sure to have the basics, like Panadol and cough syrup.


    You don’t just need to have ample supply of medicine. With health being top priority now, it’s important to have a good immune system to fight against possible infections. To do so, vitamins and herbal medicine can help protect you, as well as the elderly and children, from falling ill. Loading up on the various kinds of Vitamins will better ensure you’ll be in the pink of health!

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    Parents with toddlers and newborns, staying home will also mean that you’ll need all your essentials to take care of your little one at home. While you may be stowing away the pram during this period, still ensure that you have enough of things like milk powder, diapers and babycare products for a smooth-sailing quarantine.

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    With all that time spent at home together as a family, you might as well put it to good use and have some quality bonding time. One way to do this is with board games, of course! Pass the time away in fun ways with classic board and card games like Monopoly, Taboo and Scrabble. Not only will you have loads of laughs, but also boost the kids' learning!

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