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Guide To Singapore Networking Groups For Meet-Ups, Information, And Making New Friends

Meet-Ups, Networking, Events, And Helpful Facebook Groups

Networking New Friends Singapore

Whether you’re craving exciting events, eager to expand your business network, looking for that extra dose of parental support, or simply yearning to create lasting friendships, your search ends here. Prepare to be dazzled by the upcoming lineup of Singapore’s finest networking groups, each a treasure trove of connections, insights, and exclusive opportunities. Dive into a world where you can uncover new experiences, indulge in top-notch services, savor irresistible cuisine, and elevate your Singaporean lifestyle with sought-after products. Embrace the power of this all-encompassing compilation of Singapore networking groups, designed to place the connections you desire right at your fingertips.

  • Online Groups For Parents In Singapore


    Helpful Resources For Parents To Learn, Share And Make Friends

    Whether you are the parent/s of a newborn, teen, or big family relocating to Singapore, these networking groups are super helpful for parents navigating raising children in Singapore.

    SSNAP Parents

    A private group for parents with children that have special needs to share and support one another. There is a linked group in the description for people to advertise services and other events.

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    Promos for Families, Supported by BYKidO - Deals & Discounts in Singapore

    A group to share discounts, sales, and promotions relevant to parents and families in Singapore looking for events and food on a budget.

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    Single Parent Support Group - SPSG

    A safe space for single parents in Singapore to reach out for support, explore information, and other resources to help them on their parenting journey.

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    Respectful/Mindful Parenting Singapore

    Meet other like-minded patients and connect to the shared values of mindfulness in parenting.

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    Singapore Parents

    Share parenting tips and resources, including events and other activities for children and families to take part in.

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    Imperfect Parents of Singapore

    Meet up with like-minded parents and be a community resource to share insight, answer questions, and reach out for support.

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  • Mothers Meetups In Singapore


    Mother-Only Networking And Resources

    Mothers need to stick together. Parenting groups are supportive, and having a specific group purely for mothers to connect is a whole other level of nurturing.

    Singapore Expat Mums

    Sharing everything family related, from weekend events and playgroups to family-friendly cafes. Great for new expats wanting to make friends and feel welcomed into the community of mothers in Singapore.

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    Young Mothers of Singapore

    A private group for young mothers to feel comfortable sharing their challenges of parenting, receive support and advice, and even organize playdates for kids and young mothers to make new friends.

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    SG Mummies United

    A private group for mothers to share resources and information with one another, especially donating and trading household goods and other items that mothers may need for their families.

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    Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group Singapore (BMSG)

    For advice, support, sharing resources, and making new friends as mothers help mothers through the challenges of breastfeeding and being a new parent.

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  • Networking Groups For Singapore Expats


    Schooling, Budgeting, Lifestyle Tips For Expats

    For new and long-time expats who are looking for a whole range of lifestyle tips and support, as well as make new friends. You might even find someone from the same part of the world as you that now lives in Singapore, too.

    Singapore Smart Spenders

    Save money and get great at budgeting for your life in Singapore with these insider hacks from people living in Singapore.

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    The Original Singapore Expat Wives

    A long-running Facebook group just for women to share tips, information, and resources, and to meet up with other women expats making a home in Singapore.

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    New Singapore Expats

    Online community space for newcomers to ask questions about accommodation, food, events, and other lifestyle tips in Singapore.

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    Expats In Singapore

    Sharing upcoming activities like music and concerts, or other tips for travel, health, training, charity, help needed, and more.

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    Singapore Expats Group

    The Facebook community group for the popular website "Singapore Expats." 

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    Singapore Expats Schooling Forum

    If you’re putting your children in local or international schools in Singapore, this group is a great place to navigate all you need to know about the education system and opportunities in Singapore.

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  • fitness and health groups in singapore


    Active Fitness Lovers Will Love These Groups

    For people who love health and fitness and want to be in the know of classes, studios, events, and practitioners in Singapore, these groups will be great places to connect with the community.

    All About Singapore - Fitness, Sports & Recreation

    For the expat community to have a comprehensive guide to Singapore, with a focus on events and happenings for active people.

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    Nutritional and Natural Health in Singapore

    Explore natural remedies, practitioners, and where to find alternative healing and healthy lifestyle resources in Singapore.

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    YOGA Singapore

    All things yoga-related, from classes, workshops, and training in Singapore, to general questions about yoga practice and lifestyle.

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    SG Fitness HUB

    A community to share fitness experiences, events, and wellness programs, and to sell/trade fitness and sports gear.

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  • singapore foodie groups


    Find The Most Delicious Local Hotspots For Food In Singapore

    These groups are perfect for newcomers and expats to find their favorite new food spots, try interesting local dishes, and ask for recommendations on great food in Singapore.

    Food Lovers Singapore

    Mostly advertisements for local food spots, popular restaurants, events, and specials on dining.

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    Singapore Foodie Group

    Public posts from residents and restaurant owners sharing their favorite food recommendations and dishes.

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    Singapore Foodies

    A place to ask for food recommendations, new food spots, or for sharing current restaurant and cafe specials.

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  • professional networking group in singapore


    Membership Based Professional Organisations And Groups For Career Development

    The following business groups offer access to networking events, publications, resources, and often consultation services. These groups are more formal than the casual meet-up groups, and information about their membership fees and application process can be found on their website.

    Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME)

    A non-profit organization to help small and medium-sized businesses grow.

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    Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE)

    Private group great for start-ups and new entrepreneurs.

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    Singapore Business Federation

    National Committee for International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Singapore.

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  • Professional Buisness groups for women


    For The Ladies Serious About Their Work

    Singapore Business and Professional Women’s Association (SBPWA)

    Not-for-profit organization linked to the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation (SCWO) and International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW). An international network of women providing connection, collaborations, mentoring, skill-building, and economic empowerment projects.

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    Financial Women’s Association (FWASG)

    Networking platform and education/career advancement entered around financial literacy.

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    Federation of Business and Professional Women

    Affiliate of the International Federation of Business and Professional Women (BPW International). Provides networking, events, education, and mentoring.

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