En Motion Halloween Special Party

A Killing Spree!


Witches and spirits, get ready for a spooky night in the city as Halloween comes calling this October. From one of the best dance parties in Singapore to the best killing spree, this is THE Halloween event for you. Spine chilling games, fun Halloween theme with lashings of fake blood — if you want it, this event has more than got it.

There are 2 serial murderers in En Motion and your help is crucial in order for the team to find out who the murderers are before they start their killing spree again. Stop the team before you become their next victim! While at it, don’t forget to enjoy a night of dancing and partying…all with a little bit of murder.

How to play?

– Every attendee who is dressed up in their Halloween costume is eligible to play and are a part of this whole Murderer game.

– There will be 2 murderers lurking around the scene, and your task is to identify who are these 2 murderers.

– You will find polices who are patrolling the crime scene. If you ask them for a dance they might give you a piece of nice clue.

– You will also find wandering spirits who are victims of the murderers, if you ask them for a dance, they might also give you a piece of info on what happen during their murder scene

– However, if you happen to dance with either of the 2 murderers, you are considered murdered and out of the game

– There will be an undertaker who will hang a tag stating you are dead if you had danced with the murderer and you are not eligible to guess who’s the murderer thereafter.

What: From one of the best dance parties in Singapore to the best killing spree, this is THE Halloween event for you.

When: October 25, 2019 from 10pm – 2am.


En Motion Dance School, 8 Grange Road, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore 088507, Facebook Page 

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