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Top Places To Buy Japanese Products In Kuala Lumpur

Food, Health & Beauty Products, Stationaries And More!

Top Places To Buy Japanese Products In KL

If you are wondering where you can find the best Japanese shops and supermarkets, fear not – hope is not lost! Kuala Lumpur has a large expatriate population so it’s no surprise you’ll find some great places to purchase international products at affordable prices. Here’s our ultimate guide to all the best places to buy Japanese products in KL that offer products of uncompromised quality, wide ranges, and reasonable prices.

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  • Shojikiya

    SHOJIKIYA: Various Locations *Buy Japanese Products In KL

    Adult & Baby Food, Fashion, Health & Beauty Products

    With a total of 13 outlets within the Klang Valley, Shojikiya is one of the largest Japanese Food Specialty chain stores in Malaysia. They offer a one-stop shopping experience with a wide variety of more than 1000 imported Japanese food products including baby food, ready-to-eat confectionery to ready-made cooking ingredients. They also have a variety of health and beauty products!

    Shojikiya, Various Locations,

  • Family Mart In Kuala Lumpur

    FAMILY MART: Various Locations *Buy Japanese Products In KL

    Ready-To-Eat Meals, Snacks, Frozen Food

    Family Mart is a well-known Japanese convenience store in Malaysia which sells some of our favorite snacks like Oden, Dessert Sandwiches and some very sinful soft serve ice-cream! You can definitely count on Family Mart to stock up on their wide range of food, beverages, groceries, and other items produced in Japan. They recently launched their concept stores to focus on ready-to-eat and frozen foods, offering larger seating areas for customers. Be sure to check them out!

    Family Mart, Various Locations,

  • JONETZ By Don Don Donki In Kuala Lumpur

    JONETZ BY DON DON DONKI: Various Locations *Buy Japanese Products In KL

    Adult & Baby Food, Fashion, Health & Beauty Products

    Japan’s popular discount chain store sells a variety of imported yet affordable Japanese products ranging from home appliances to food and even skincare. Catering to the Muslim community in Malaysia, it has a selection of Halal-certified products and serves no alcohol or pork. With over 5,000 Japanese product offerings, they’re located in various parts of Kuala Lumpur.

    JONETZ By Don Don Donki, Various Locations,

  • Daiso In Kuala Lumpur

    DAISO: Various Locations *Buy Japanese Products In KL

    Adult & Baby Food, Fashion, Health & Beauty Products, Quirky Finds

    Get a taste of the Japanese culture at Daiso which is a Japanese variety and value store that offers customers products with unrivaled greater value to help enhance your lifestyle. With its wide-ranging product line-up that are not only popular in Japan but the world over, you’ll find quirky and useful finds in every single aisle. From household goods to everyday necessities, shop at Daiso till your heart’s content without feeling the pinch!

    Daiso, Various Locations,

  • Muji Store in Kuala Lumpur

    MUJI: Various Locations *Buy Japanese Products In KL

    Food, Fashion, Health & Beauty Products, Stationaries

    From clothes to food to household products, less frills, more function is what MUJI is all about. Trends are not a focus here; instead functionality and simplicity rule at MUJI. Muji's design philosophy is minimalist, and it places an emphasis on recycling, reducing production and packaging waste, and a no-logo or "no-brand" policy. It’s no wonder why everyone’s talking about MUJI!

    MUJI, Various Locations,

  • Mix Store In Kuala Lumpur

    MIX STORE: Various Locations *Buy Japanese Products In KL

    Food, Snacks & Beverages

    MiX has developed an online fan base for their selection of regional snacks, food and beverages. Find your favorite imported snacks, drinks and food from all over Asia, including China, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and Taiwan. You will also find self-heating hot pots, ice creams of unique flavors, instant meals, chips and so much more!

    MiX Store, Various Locations,

  • ISETAN The Japan Store In Kuala Lumpur

    ISETAN THE JAPAN STORE: Japanese Store In KL

    Food, Fashion, Health & Beauty Products

    A paradise for shopaholics, ISETAN- The Japan Store is a promoter of authentic Japanese culture, offering products that are deep-rooted in Japanese history, culture, diversity and advance technology. The specialty store at Lot10, featuring six floors of Japanese brands and products, over 200 of which are made available in KL for the first time. It's the first of its kind in the world, aside from its smaller counterpart store within the Japan Cultural Institute in Paris, France.

    ISETAN The Japan Store, Lot 10 Shopping Center, 50, Jln Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

  • Yubiso Kuala Lumpur

    YUBISO: Various Locations *Buy Japanese Products In KL

    Food, Fashion, Health & Beauty Products

    YUBISO brings quality goods from designers all across the world mainly from Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia and Thailand. They pay close attention to their product management and quality before any contract is given and sell a variety of household goods, products, beauty & health items, accessories, gifts, fashion, digital products and more!

    YUBISO, Various Locations,

  • Fan Japan Kuala Lumpur

    FAN JAPAN: KLIA *Buy Japanese Products In KL

    Food, Fashion, Health & Beauty Products

    Fan Japan is a one-stop outlet for imported made-in-Japan crafts, fare and wares, its shelves are stocked with ingenious supplies: accessories, bags, beauty knick-knacks, foodstuff – like miso, roasted black beans and Tokyo Banana – and stationery, as well as traditional Japanese items such as bamboo, crockery, fabrics, tea sets and yukata. A truly Japanese experience!

    Fan Japan, G48 Mitsui Outlet Park, Persiaran Komersial, KLIA, 64000 Selangor, Malaysia,

  • Nitori Kuala Lumpur

    NITORI: Bukit Jalil *Buy Japanese Products In KL

    Home & Lifestyle Products

    IKEA, but make it Japanese, and you'll get NITORI. This furniture and speciality store offers unexpected value for money. From sofas, bedding, dining furniture, coffee table, wardrobe and other home decor items, it is where you can create a stylish contemporary style to your home. You will be mesmerized by the neatly assembled display furniture in some of the store’s sections so you can conceptualize how it will be in your own space.

    Nitori, B-04-12, Aurora Place, Plaza, Persiaran Jalil 1, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

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