A Guide On Where To Buy Your Pre-Teen’s First Bra In Hong Kong

From Training Bras To Bralettes And More

Pre-Teen's First Bra In Hong Kong

Finding the perfect first bra for your teenage daughter in Hong Kong can be a mix of anxiety and anticipation. As a parent, taking your little girl shopping for her first bra might feel overwhelming. However, with some helpful insights, this experience can become smoother and more enjoyable for both of you. To assist you on this journey, we have created a comprehensive guide filled with recommendations and useful links. From determining the right time to get your daughter her first bra to selecting the ideal one for her, we’ve got you covered

  • Some Basics To Begin With

    A Guide To Your Daughter's First Bra

    When Should Your Child Get Her First Bra?

    The average age to get a first bra is 11 years old. However, girls can start developing early and can wear their first stages of a training bra such as a support vest or bra top as young as 8 years old.

    There is no specific time you should buy a first bra, just when she is physically and emotionally ready.

    How Do I Know When My Daughter Needs A Bra?

    If your daughter isn’t as forthcoming to openly ask about bra shopping, you may need to broach the topic yourself. She’s most likely ready to go shopping if she’s started developing breast buds, this is essentially the first sign of breast tissue under the nipples.

    What Is The Purpose Of A Training Bra?

    A training bra is a bra designed for teens and tweens who may not fit in standard adult bras yet. These are lightweight starter bras that come in different styles and help provide a bit of coverage for breast buds, nipples, and growing breasts. Training bras are a good stepping stone into wearing adult bras. 

    How To Choose A First Bra

    As a first bra, it’s best to go for substance over style. You’ll want something comfortable that your daughter can wear throughout the day, but also while doing sports. Lacy or push-up bras are probably unnecessary for a few years.

    The Best First Bras Are:

    • Cotton Bralette – This is best as a starter bra and should be worn as soon as the nipples start to protrude.
    • Soft cup bras – Once the breast tissue has developed a bit further, your daughter is probably ready for soft cupped bras, these work well as both tween and teen bras.
    • Padded bras – These will add comfort if the nipples are tender during this time.
    • Padded Undershirts/Camisoles - These tops are also a top choice and more common to use in Hong Kong when introducing the concept of what it feels like to wear a bra at an early age. It offers comfort and support and can be worn underneath school uniforms. Some places also have camisoles with pads.

    How To Ensure Your Daughter’s Bra Fits

    Most importantly, you need to ensure the bra fits comfortably. If the size is a little too small or big, it won’t affect the growth of the breast tissue, however, it will lead to discomfort throughout the day. To ensure your daughter’s bra fits properly, do the following:

    • Check the band remains level around her front and back, any arching implies she’s wearing the wrong size.
    • Ensure the straps are comfortable and not digging in or falling down the shoulders.
  • M&S First Bra HK

    Marks And Spencer: First Bras, Vests and Camisoles

    Where To Buy Your Pre-Teens First Bra In Hong Kong

    Marks And Spencer provides a wide range of first bras such as Sports Bras, Non-wired Bras, Bandeaus and Full Cup First Bras. M&S also has a great collection of vests and camisoles to choose from.

    Their Full Cup-sized bras are highly recommended as they come with pretty lace details. The material itself is lightweight and provides gentle support for developing bodies

  • Sloggi First Bra HK

    Triumph And Sloggi: Your Girls First Padded Bra

    Where To Buy Your Pre-Teens First Bra In Hong Kong

    The Sloggi Go All Around padded bra is perfect for a girl's first bra. With its non-wired pullover style top, the neckline provides enough support and coverage for your pre-teen.

    Triumph - Various Locations

  • Her own words first bra HK

    Her Own Words: Bra Tops For Teens

    Where To Buy Your Pre-Teen's First Bra In Hong Kong

    If your teen feels a bit uncomfortable and would prefer to wear her first bra in the style of a top (with a shirt over it) - Her Own Words has the perfect product. Its W Shape Support Longline Bra Top offers full coverage allowing your pre-teen to feel more at ease.

    Her Own Words - Various Locations,


  • Schiesser Training Bra HK

    Schiesser HK: Bras For Different Stages

    Where To Buy Your Pre-Teens First Bra In Hong Kong

    At Schiesser, they offer training bras that you can buy at different stages of your child's development. Their First Stage Training Bra comes in a wide range of colors to choose from, which makes it a lot more fun for your girls.

    Schiesser - 13/F, China Taping Tower, Phase 1, 8 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, [email protected]

  • Calvin Klein First Bra HK

    Calvin Klein: Modern Cotton Bralettes

    Where To Buy Your Pre-Teens First Bra In Hong Kong

    You can purchase the Girls 2 Pack Modern Cotton Bralette in different colors and designs. The cotton material is so smooth and comfortable, that your pre-teen won't realize that she's wearing this under her tops and blouses.

    Calvin Klein - Various Locations,

  • Under Armour: Sports Bras For Active Girls

    Where To Buy Your Pre-Teens First Sports Bra In Hong Kong

    For girls who love to stay active and are constantly participating in sports and outdoor activities, Under Armour has a great collection of girls' first sports bras. Their sports bras provide maximum support and comfort and you can purchase these in different colors and designs too!

    Under Armour - Various Locations,


  • Uniqlo: Seamless Comfortable Bras

    Where To Buy Your Pre-Teens First Bra In Hong Kong

    Uniqlo's AIRism line also includes a collection for young girls looking for their first set of bras to wear. It comes in different sizes and colors, with a seamless design and is itch-free makes it a perfect pick for first-timers.

    Uniqlo - Various Locations,

  • Petit Bateau First Bra HK

    Petit Bateau: Padded, Comfort Bras

    Where To Buy Your Pre-Teens First Bra In Hong Kong

    For adorable and comfortable designs, this place offers training bralettes and padded comfort bras. Perfect for girls who are a little bit older and ready for the next stage of wearing bras.

    Petit Bateau - Various Locations,

  • Order Training Bras And Padded Camisole Sets Online

    Where To Buy Your Pre-Teens First Bra In Hong Kong
    • Zalora - For affordable training bra sets that come in designs, Zalora doesn't fall short with its choices that your daughter can choose from.
    • Amazon - You can filter your choices according to age and you'll be able to choose from a wide range of products and styles.


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