Where To Buy Fine Jewellery In Hong Kong From Diamonds To Bespoke?

The Inimitable Guide To Personalized Jewelry

Bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

Hong Kong has a diverse range of jewelry to suit every pocket and style. You might like modern chunky jewelry, fine everyday classics, couture pieces encrusted with diamonds, or even laboratory-grown gems. Bespoke jewelry is timeless, personalized, and a true extension of your character. Little Steps has hunted high and low for the best designers you’ll love, just in time for Christmas! Read on for the definitive guide to bespoke jewelry designers in the glorious city of Hong Kong.

  • niin bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    NIIN: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Inspired By Fishermen’s Wives

    Celebrated jewelry designer Jeanine Hsu founded niin in 2009. She's built an impressive international following with her ethos of treading lightly on the earth and her diverse, nature-rich, and sustainable boho-chic jewelry and accessory collections. From the start, she's collaborated with charities, brands, and individuals who share a staunch commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable practices. On a trip to the Philippines, she watched the fishermen's wives collect driftwood from the beaches and felt truly inspired by their sense of peace. She began sketching and incorporating their findings into her own jewelry collection. Jeanine uses natural pieces and transforms them into repurposed and desirable keepsakes while celebrating the perennial beauty of nature for its healing, inspiring, uplifting and life-giving powers. Her exquisite pieces are always faithful to her beauty, conservation, and preservation values. Much of her collection is under various healing categories like calming, revitalization, relaxation, and strength.

    niin, 10/F, Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield Road, Hong Kong, info@niin.co

  • Nishita bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    NISHITA FINE JEWELRY: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Ethical, Sustainable Jewelry

    Founder of Nishita Fine Jewelry, Nishita Jasani, comes from a successful fourth-generation family jewelry business. While she wanted to find her own in life, working in banking and co-authoring a book, she’s always designed jewelry for her friends. She didn’t have formal training, but various awards are a testament to her natural flair. Nishita launched her eponymous label in 2017 and has never looked back. She believes you don’t have to choose between high-quality and accessible prices. Nishita is fascinated by modern techniques and how the past and present can connect to create a magical masterpiece that showcases history. Nishita Fine Jewelry creates affordable, beautifully crafted fine jewelry that is ethically sourced, produced, sustainable, and mindfully designed. Her mission is to use upcycled heirloom pieces and recycled materials and minimize waste throughout production.

    Nishita Fine Jewelry,

  • Obellery bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    OBELLERY: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Artisans, Gallery, And Workshops

    Since its establishment in 2014, Obellery has been a contemporary platform for modern, non-mainstream jewelry for a collection of designers, including Belinda Chang, Pearl Lee, Maria Ignacia Walker, Take Hilgenfeld, and Nicole Walger. The studio encourages expression and is not restricted by traditional concepts. The handcrafted and wearable pieces are displayed in their gallery, together with beautiful objects d'art. Not only do they have an extended gallery, but Obellery offers traditional metalworking workshops for those that are interested in experimenting with various jewels and precious metals. They aim to elevate the importance of unique artisans and encourage a love of jewelry. Wander by and chat with the jewelers, experience the breathtaking collections, and perhaps even learn to make something yourself.

    Obellery, PMQ- Block B, Shop H403, No.35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2155 4198,,

  • Jewcells bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    JEWCELLS JEWELRY: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Mothers Milk

    Since 2017, contemporary jewelers Jewcells Jewelry Designs has been making contemporary jewelry inspired by storytelling and family love. The following year, their jewelry designer gave birth to her daughter, Galia, which inspired the breastmilk gem, workshops, and mom-and-baby collections. The jewelry collection is a beautifully personal memento that allows mothers to celebrate their breastfeeding journey and bond with their babies. The jewelry features an accent stone or centerpiece filled with breastmilk, giving a similar appearance to opal, the creamy-colored October birthstone. The bespoke Jewcells collection contains the birthstone gems of you and your baby, giving earrings, necklaces, rings, and cufflinks a beautiful hue. Those who prefer something more traditional, they also have a lovely collection of silver jewelry with your initials. They also run breastmilk gem workshops on Saturdays if you want to create your own masterpiece.

    Jewcells Jewellery, Room 809, Core 45, 43-45 Tsun Yip St, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, +852 9160 7067,,

  • Miyagawa bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    MIYAGAWA MINA: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Colored Gems

    Mina's Javanese grandfather started a gemstone-cutting business as one of the many family concerns; as a result, Mina has exceptional insider information about the complex diamond and gemstone industry. In 2008, she founded Miyagawa to focus on jewelry investments, design, and the finest products. She's won Hong Kong's Most Outstanding Enterprise Award. Her priceless collection includes sapphires, emeralds, beautiful green, pink and yellow diamonds, and pearls. Mina will work with you to create bespoke jewelry and happily uses your much-loved vintage jewelry and stones for personalized pieces. She advocates finding your own style and giving old jewelry a new lease of life.

    Miyagowa Mina, 19/F, Two International Finance Centre, Hong Kong, +852 9666 6660,,

  • Niiya K bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    NIYA K: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Husband And Wife Bespoke Jewelry

    When buying diamonds, there is far more to consider than the four Cs of cut, color, clarity, and carat. The husband and wife team Niyati and Jimit, have extensive experience in the design and diamond industries. Niyati is a meticulous and diligent designer who will help you create your dream piece of jewelry. She has the natural talent to consider the wearer's personality and guide you seamlessly through the entire process. Jimit is a second-generation diamantaire with over two decades of experience; he truly believes there is a diamond for everyone. He uses his global network of manufacturers filters through thousands of options to find unique stones for you. They will work harmoniously together and finally present your dreamlike jewelry. Niyati and Jimit believe in personalized service, so you can take your purchase for a clean, polish, repair, or resize any time.

    Niya K, 905, Podium Plaza, 5 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, +852 9105 1516,,

  • Raha Et Cetera bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    RAHA ET CETERA: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Handcrafted Diamonds

    Inspired by her father, Rahila Refaaq, the founder of Raha et Cetera, comes from a long line of diamantaires and gemologists from Sri Lanka. She spent over a decade learning about the complex diamond business; she now has a broad spectrum of private clients across the region. Zaha et Cetera has a superb collection of handcrafted diamonds and colored stones. Experienced jewelers carefully craft all the jewelry according to client specifications. Not only does she create bespoke jewelry, but she also has a niche collection of ready-to-wear pieces. Rahila graduated as a  Gemologist and Accredited Jewelry Professional from the Gemological Institute of America. She works closely with the International Gemological Laboratory, allowing her to increase her knowledge of diamond testing and certification, durability, and other diamond characteristics. Rahila is always thrilled when commissioned with a new bespoke piece of jewelry that you will treasure forever.

    Raha et Cetera, +852 9656 0414,,

  • Ryder bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    RYDER DIAMONDS: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong + Jewelry Repair

    On-Site Studio And Masterclasses

    Sally Ryder grew up on a chicken farm in Australia. After graduating with a degree in Arts and Business, Sally moved to Hong Kong in 2005 with a dream of creating a unique shopping experience for discerning clients looking to create fine diamond jewelry. She strives to revive the dying art of hand craftsmanship. Ryder Diamonds is the only bespoke jeweler in Hong Kong with an on-site studio where the city's most talented and highly skilled master artisans custom-make each piece. Sally uses time-honored techniques and invites her clients to go behind the scenes in her studio to see their jewelry created, an experience very few witness. Her extensive network of trusted suppliers allows her to ethically source superior diamonds. Sally also hosts fascinating diamond masterclasses to help ease clients into the bespoke diamond jewelry experience. Her online store carries an extensive collection of engagement, eternity, and cocktail rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. She understands that commissioning bespoke jewelry is a highly personalized experience resulting in creating an heirloom that will be passed down to future generations.

    Ryder Diamonds, 9th Floor, 142-146 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, +852 2805 2589,,

  • Haywards bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    HAYWARDS: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Bespoke Jewelry And Engagement Concierge

    Haywards was established in 2006 by father and son Paul and David Nazer, bringing the highest level of British bespoke jewelry design to Asia. Paul worked with a French jewelry manufacturing company in Vietnam for many years. He was their head of global sales before managing their new workshop. At 16, David commenced his jewelry experience on the shop floor in charge of the gold inventory, providing him with valuable insights into the technical side of production. Their range of bespoke jewelry includes vintage, gemstone, and classic rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendants. Each piece of Haywards’ jewelry is made uniquely for you, from simple styles to fashion-forward and vintage-inspired. Their designers will work closely with you throughout the process, embracing your style choice and budget. With your inspiration and their collaborative approach, they will combine traditional and modern-day techniques to create time-worthy pieces of perfection. Haywards has a unique engagement concierge where a surprise proposal will take place. You can design the ring together for an engagement to remember with a bespoke piece unique to you and your love story.

    Haywards, 233 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, +852 2545 4400,,

  • The 5th C bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    THE 5THC: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Celebrating Milestone Events

    With an eye for quality craftsmanship, Jessica Cu creates unique fine bespoke jewelry using unusual diamonds and precious stones. Their tailored design experience is by appointment at the showroom in the heart of Central. Jessica graduated with a Gemologist diploma from GIA Hong Kong, has been in the diamond industry for over two decades, and brings a wealth of experience. Her technical expertise, attention to detail, and passion for beautiful design have earned her the ongoing trust of a very discerning clientele. Her innate understanding of each customer's needs makes creating jewelry the most intimate and enjoyable of experiences. She understands that purchasing fine diamond jewelry represents some of the most important events in your life. Hence, she ensures it is a very personal experience. The 5th C has a beautifully created collection of ready-to-wear jewelry, including rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces such as the Brianna white gold diamond bracelet.

    The 5th C, 16th Floor, 1 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2654 6288,,

  • Sarah Zhung bespoke jewerly Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    SARAH ZHUANG: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Fantastical Collections And Bespoke Jewelry

    Founded in 2017, Sarah Zhuang celebrates the unique traits of a contemporary woman. Sarah was born into a family that has been in the jewelry business for well over two decades; she’s lived and breathed design since she was a child. Fuelled by her innate love of jewelry design, Sarah graduated with a design certificate from the Gemological Institute of America and a professional diploma from the Hong Kong Design Institute. She then studied at Accademia Riaci in Florence to enhance her jewelry design and making skills. Sarah has dazzled international celebrities and received numerous coveted industry design awards. Her ready-to-wear collections include Enchanted Pearl, Spotlight, Fantasy Garden, and Spread Your Wings. Each handcrafted piece tells stories of strength, aspiration, and confidence and is designed to be worn in multiple styles. The versatile collections combine elegance and functionality to accommodate modern women's fast-changing lifestyles. Sarah will work closely with you to create a one-of-a-kind jewelry piece that reflects your personality and tells your story, becoming a unique treasure that will last for generations.

    Sarah Zhuang, Room 808, South Tower, Concordia Plaza, 1 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, +852 2498 9999,,

  • Cindy Chao bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    CINDY CHAU: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres

    The granddaughter of an architect and daughter of a sculptor, Cindy Chao, grew up in a creative environment. Her grandfather was a distinguished architect who designed hundreds of temples across Taiwan, many of which are now considered national monuments. Cindy was her sculptor father’s first apprentice learning various techniques and skills that she transferred to jewelry design. Cindy has developed an acute sense of observation and mastered intricate sculpting techniques; she bottles up her emotions and pours that power into her creations. Cindy lives by paying attention to the tiniest details and puts her heart and soul into creating beautiful forms. Each year since 2008, she has added a whimsically colorful butterfly to her collection, which inspires some of her most magical jewels. Her collections comprise The Black Label Masterpiece, the prestigious creations that are expressions of her savoir-faire as a sculptor and artist, and The White Label Collection with exquisite rose earrings. The Culture Minister of France, Roselyne Bachelot, awarded Cindy the Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres, recognizing her contribution to furthering arts in France and worldwide.

    Cindy Chao, Suite 1205, 50 Connaught Road Central, Hong Kong, +852 2561 8298,

  • Yewn bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    YEWN: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Chinese Art And Culture-Inspired Jewelry

    It’s been rare to find traditional Chinese art and culture-inspired jewelry since the end of the Chinese Monarch. The contemporary Chinese luxury jeweler has a vast collection of spectacular jewels, including flower fairies, Chinese lattice, floral brocade, fans, imperial amulets, lock of good wishes, paper cut, and lacquerware. Yewn is a seed sown over five millennia ago and evolved by Dickon Yewn, the creative director of the eponymous brand. His jewelry collection is likened to the national treasure made by sophisticated artisans. Yewn revives the finesse and sophistication and nurtures the collection to truly represent China's only remaining civilization state. Yewn takes part in local and international art events.

    Yewn, Shop 208, Level Two, The Landmark Atrium, 15 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong, Tel: +852 3110 2298,,

  • Diana Zhang bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    DIANA ZHANG JEWELRY: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong


    Post-cultural revolution China offered its people a brave new world. Diana Zhang, a teenager at the time, was inspired by fashion, jewelry, and art. Born in northeastern China, she moved to Guangzhou with her family during the reform period. She adopted various business opportunities made possible by the open-door policy in the 1980s. Lacking formal education, she embraced Diana Zhang Jewelry, observed, researched, and taught herself the necessary skills to make a hobby her full-time career. Her dedication and enthusiasm have made her one of the rising stars in the jewelry world. She single-mindedly pursues beauty in all forms and uses it to channel her emotions. Diana has several exquisite collections, including Plum Blossom, Orchid King, Lotus After the Rain, and Royal Bamboo. The collections feature in studios across the world.

    Diana Zhang Jewelry, 16A, Carfield Commercial Building, 77 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2523 1638,,

  • AS29 bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    AS29L Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Red String Talisman

    Over a decade ago, Audrey Savransky founded the label AS29 to offer modern women a non-conformist approach to wearing fine jewelry. She says, “Some stones are gorgeous, but the person who wears them transforms the jewelry." She delivers jewelry that is rebellious yet effortless enough to wear every day. Born in Belgium, Audrey is the fourth generation of her family to work in the diamond industry. Growing up surrounded by precious stones, a curiosity for turning jewels into luxurious fine jewelry has followed Audrey from a young age. Her fascination has only strengthened, leading to the creation of AS29. With a wealth of design and technical experience, Audrey understands the unique appeal of gold over other precious metals. She chooses raw materials with a high purity level. She crafts her pieces from 18-carat gold, which perfectly balances pure gold content and strength. Her red string collection stems from folk traditions from East to West; the string is used as a talisman to ward off misfortune from the evil eye. The string will fall off when your wishes have come to fruition.

    AS29, +852 6775 2736,,

  • No. 33 bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    NO. THIRTY THREE JOAILLERIE: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Re-Interpreting Classic Designs

    Ignited by a pair of her mother’s earrings, Melissa Fok discovered her passion for design early on. Her imagination allows her to re-interpret classic items with new creative expression. She began by turning a treasured family heirloom into a ring, inspiring her passion for creating lasting memories through jewelry design. She graduated from The Central Academy of Fine Arts and Parsons School of Design before receiving a graduate gemologist degree at the Gemological Institute of America. Her first four collections, The Chandeliers, The Botanics, The Midnight Shadows, and The Fountain, pay homage to magic and majesty. If you seek something unique, Melissa will collaborate with you to create a personalized piece that will capture your imagination using exquisite jewels and timeless settings to become a symbol of your heritage.

    No. Thirty Three Joaillerie, +852 9668 3232,,

  • Teal and Stone bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    TEAL & STONE: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong *Affordable Chic

    One Woman, One Vision

    Dedicated to making women confident and shine with their own unique style, Teal & Stone is a stylish jewelry brand. Born and raised in Morocco, self-taught designer Yasmine is inspired by her worldly travels. Her brand encapsulates what women want in their jewelry; gorgeous designs, uniqueness, in sync with the latest trends, versatility, and uncompromising quality. Thoughtful concepts and distinct techniques in craftsmanship for every piece make them your affordable go-to brand. Each piece has a contemporary feel and is plated in thick gold to ensure durability. Yasmine has created a day-to-night collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

    Teal & Stone,,

  • Vertues bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    VERTUES: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong *Conscious Company

    Upcycling And Reinventing Jewelry

    As a conscious jewelry company, Vertues affords a charming yet affordable jewelry collection. The founder, Saira Sujanani, is increasingly aware of the environmental and social implications of gold mining. She uses recycled gold in much of her collection, minimizing the environmental impact without compromising the purity and strength of the gold. Saira encourages you to upcycle your diamonds to give them a new lease of life and re-invent your jewelry. The Vertues woman is self-loving, empowered, and savvy. Her design journey is fluid and constantly evolves with her own journey of self-discovery. Vertues collections include Monogram, Rainbow, and Once in a Lifetime; many of the pieces can be personalized.

    Vertues, +852 9666 6988,,

  • Le Fondre bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia

    LE FONDRE: Local Jewelry Designer In Hong Kong

    Mindful Jewelry Art

    With mindfulness and minimal art at its core, Le Fondre is a demi-fine jewelry studio in Hong Kong. Their non-seasonal art pieces are created with responsibly sourced materials by experienced artisans. The jewelry is made with sustainable sterling silver and gold plating. Le Fondre translates from French to mean 'melt it down.' Their collections combine modern techniques with energy art to create a new, wearable, day-to-day jewelry genre. Each piece refreshes your energy and blesses your surroundings echoing life’s moments. The collection includes ear cuffs, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and accessories by Lam Wing and Energy Art by Skya. There are various stockists throughout Hong Kong, and the products can be ordered online.

    Le Fondre,,

  • Repairs bespoke jewelry Hong Kong Little Steps Asia


    Polish, Clean, And Repair

    Now and again, your jewelry could do with a clean, polish, or repair. Your high-end jewelry designer can likely take care of this for you, but if they can't, there are various excellent repair services across Hong Kong.

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