Where To Shop For Affordable & Fashion Jewelry In Hong Kong

Iconic Hoop Earrings, Delicate Studs, Stackable Necklaces & More

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Are you in search of iconic hoop earrings, delicate studs, or perhaps another necklace to add to your collection? This guide will navigate you through the best shops around Hong Kong to find affordable jewelry that merges style with economy. From hidden local boutiques to well-known retail destinations, we’ll cover all the prime spots where you can enhance your jewelry box without straining your budget. Whether you’re looking to accessorize for a special occasion or simply want to treat yourself, this guide ensures you’ll discover pieces that are both beautiful and budget-friendly.

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    Stylish Jewelry Loved By Celebrities Worldwide

    APM Monaco is deeply committed to the enduring value of jewelry, embracing a philosophy that each piece should last a lifetime. With its innovative Sustain Program, the brand channels the passion and care invested in its creations into a vision that extends beyond the transient allure of jewelry. Here, you will find not only stylish jewelry pieces like earrings, studs, necklaces, and bangles (which you can also personalize) but also iconic designs that rival the appearance of fine jewelry, ensuring that every item selected is both timeless and exquisite. Thanks to brand ambassadors like Chiara Ferragni in the past and now Cara DeLevigne, the APM name has become a household one.

    APM Monaco, multiple locations across Hong Kong,


  • NIIN

    Unique Craftsmanship

    Founded in 2009 by Jeanine Hsu, a graduate of Central Saint Martins, niin is a jewelry brand that epitomizes sustainable, boho-chic design, drawing inspiration from nature and committed to environmental responsibility. Jeanine's journey began with her disillusionment with the fashion industry's wasteful practices, which led her to integrate natural, repurposed materials into her designs during a transformative trip to the Philippines. niin has since cultivated a global presence, available in 14 countries, and is known for its unique aesthetic that combines the imperfections and eternal elements of the natural world into pieces that are not only beautiful but also embody healing and restorative qualities. Each piece of niin jewelry, from everyday items to bold statements, reflects the brand’s core values of quality, craftsmanship, and green business practices, and carries a positive energy that promotes a balance and harmony with nature. Bespoke designs are available as well.



    Everyday Elegance

    British jewelry brand Monica Vinader stands out as your perfect choice for iconic and stylish pieces designed for simple everyday elegance. The brand offers a stunning variety of hoop earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more, crafted in an impressive array of materials and styles. Additionally, Monica Vinader features chic lab-grown diamonds, lockets, pendants, and personalized birthstone necklaces, making it an ideal spot for finding thoughtful gifts. Each piece is backed by a 5-year warranty, ensuring that if your beloved item suffers any damage or wear, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

    Monica Vinader, multiple locations across Hong Kong,


    Subtle Pieces - Online Only Retailer

    Founded in 2018 by two female entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, éclater is a contemporary jewelry brand known for its modern minimalist designs that blend classic style with affordability. Emphasizing self-expression and empowerment, éclater offers delicately crafted pieces that serve as extensions of the wearer's personality, enabling them to showcase their unique style silently. The brand champions the idea that jewelry should be an everyday accessory, reflecting personal stories and inspiring joy. With a commitment to providing versatile, high-quality pieces without the luxury price tag, éclater encourages customers to mix and match items.

    éclater, online only,


    Fine & Fashion Jewelry

    Gosia Orlowska Designs is a renowned global brand that merges the intricate craftsmanship of Asian cultures with the timeless elegance of European style to create intentional jewelry, clothing, and accessories. Founded by Gosia Orlowska, the brand is celebrated for its bespoke, meaningful pieces that resonate with women with distinct styles. Utilizing high-quality precious stones, crystals, and metals, Gosia's passion and creativity have crafted unique designer pieces that have garnered praise from clients worldwide, including designer houses, celebrities, and international department stores. Known for sparking new trends while maintaining classic contemporary styles, Gosia Orlowska Designs epitomizes empowering and intentional fashion, appealing to confident, stylish women who are both playful and determined.

    Gosia Orlowska Designs,

  • studdedheartz


    Achieve That Perfect Ear Stack

    During her university days, Elly was drawn to the charm of dainty jewelry, although she was often disappointed by the short lifespan of affordable fast-fashion pieces. Frustrated by the lack of durable yet reasonably priced options, she began crafting her own jewelry using high-quality materials. These self-made pieces, worn daily, outlasted any of her previous ones and spurred her to found Studdedheartz, a brand dedicated to merging affordability with quality. Now operating from a small studio in PMQ in Central, you can find beautiful studded earrings, beautiful rings, necklaces and more.

    Studdedheartz, S305, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong,


    Ethical Jewelry + Piercing Studio

    Nyrelle believes in the understated power of jewelry as a personal statement and an expression of one's deepest values. This brand crafts not just fine jewelry, but pieces that are timeless, crafted by generations of skilled jewelers, and offered at transparent, honest prices. Committed to ethical practices, Nyrelle sources KP-certified conflict-free diamonds and traceable gems, ensuring that every piece is responsibly made. From the supply chain to the customer's jewelry box, Nyrelle takes conscious steps to spark a larger chain reaction in the industry, allowing customers to enjoy their luxurious, everyday jewelry without any reservations. They also offer piercing services within their studio in Hong Kong - a one-stop shop to achieve your perfect stack.



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