Keep The Kids Busy With These Awesome Quarantine Kits

A Mix Of Art, Science & Fun To Help Pass The Time!

Quarantine Mega Kits For Kids

Are you having panic attacks worrying about how you’re going to keep the kids entertained (and yourself sane) over a lengthy hotel quarantine period? If so, we are loving these Quarantine Mega Kits for Kids from The Petit Pelican, an adorable company that builds activity boxes for budding artists, researchers, and nature lovers.

Designed for kids aged 3-8, the kits contain a unique mix of arts and science activities and are specifically designed to help pass the time and keep kiddos busy during quarantine. Survival kits are delivered straight to your quarantine hotel and are full of educational activities, magazines, art supplies, and more!

These quarantine kits differ from standard arts & crafts boxes as they also contain tools and materials needed to complete the projects:

  • Artist apron to keep your clothes clean (because quarantine laundry is a nightmare!)
  • Cleaning supplies for post-painting
  • Safety scissors
  • Additional tools and art materials that you would normally have at home, but likely won’t have in a hotel

If you’re looking to send a care package to friends or family in quarantine, why not surprise them with one of these kits?

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

It's creative, it's educational, and if it keeps the kiddos occupied for an hour or two each day, we'll take it!

Who It's Perfect For:

Kids stuck in quarantine, or even families going on holiday where the kids will have downtime at the hotel.

What Else:​

Shipping is free and can be arranged up to 60 days in advance.

Where To Find It:​

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