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Best Beach And Turkish Towels In Hong Kong

Fluffy, Colorful, Absorbent & Comfy

Best Turkish Towels In Hong Kong

Finding the right beach towel is an important task. Do you want something fluffy to sit on in the sand, or something absorbent for pool time? There are plenty of colorful options out there in all-sorts of shapes and sizes. Here’s our favorite beach towels for keeping you dry in the sun.  Here are the best beach towels and Turkish Towels In Hong Kong!

  • THORN AND BURROW: Turkish Towels

    Thorn And Burrow stocks a wide range of Turkish Towels. Affordable, lightweight, easy-drying, and in a range of colors - these are simply awesome for the beach or pool. They are not bulky either so are ideal for kids heading off to swim camp. Towels are made from 100% natural fibres and get softer when you wash them.


    Thorn And Burrow,

  • COTTON ON: Round Beach Towels + Hooded Towels For Kids

    Cotton On has it all. Mom, dad, kids, babes, teens and the home, all at affordable prices too. Their towels are perfect for the beach or pool. For kids, they have cute hooded towels ensuring your little one is kept warm after playing in the water. They also have a ton of gorgeous round towels which make perfect beach blankets and pool towels too.


    Cotton On,


    These towels are 100% pure cotton. They come in all shapes, colors and combinations.   Unlike traditional terry towels, Turkish towels dry very quickly. Use them for the beach pool, as a throw, a cover-up, and for snuggling. These towels are very affordable too, so buy one for everyone.


    Teresa's Turkish Towels,


  • ESPRIT: Beach Towels

    Esprit has an affordable selection of beach towels to choose from. They come in bright colors and are perfect for the pool or beach.  They will mix and match with your swimwear and beach shoes. They also have some cute sunglasses and bags too.



  • ESCAPADE SPORTS: Turkish Towels + Super Dry

    Escapade Sports stock the Fabulous Towel Company. The brand of towels they stock are Peshtamel. These lovely towels are Turkish towels and are designed to be super absorbent and dry quickly. They are thin and light, and come in many different colors. They’re perfect for everyone's beach bag this summer.



  • H&M: Beach Towels

    H&M have a cool beach section with matching items. Some of their towels match their ever so cute beach bags. Towels come in a multitude of colors and patterns so find one that matches your look. We love the new easy carrying towel (pictured) - grab and go.


    H&M Home,

  • IKEA: Affordable Beach Towels

    As well as an array of colorful towels for the home, they do beach towels too. The SOMMAR is bright and cheery, and will be great for warming up on any beach poolside. It’s super absorbent, easy to wash, and very kiddo friendly. There’s two color schemes to choose from so pick one each for your clan.



  • M&S: Beach Towels

    Ever reliable, M&S has a cute collection of beach towels. We love the giraffe print kids towel as well as the lobster print. Both are really fun for the beach or pool. They have some lovely designs for mom and dad too. So get the family stocked up with new gear from M&S this summer.



  • JACK WILLS: Beach Towels

    If you need a pop of color on the beach or by the pool, then the Union Jack Balwich beach towel is a must buy. Other colorful designs are available for you to consider. Made from fluffy cotton, they make relaxing on the sand that much easier.


    Jack Wills,


  • TORY BURCH: Luxurious Beach Towels

    If you want a large luxury towel, we suggest this one. Fluffy, comfortable and oh so snuggly, this makes it a perfect towel to flop into on a hot sunny day. It comes in navy, blue or orange and is the perfect accessory for any family. It’s reversible too which is great for those unexpected spillages from excited kids.


    Tory Burch,

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