We are loving all the expansion news of the amazing sustainable grocery store Slowood!  For those in Central, you have probably seen their new shop at the oh-so-trendy Central Market! Also, make to sure to take a peek of their blog for fantastically written blog posts, so you can have a better understanding of where their products came from, why they are eco-friendly and how we as a community can make significant changes by taking little steps!

The scoop on the Slowood physical shops in Hong Kong:

  • They are now in 4 locations in Hong Kong – Kennedy Town, Central, Discover Bay, And Shatin!
  • Shop for eco alternatives for your everyday needs! Every detail coheres to the principles of zero waste, sustainability, and harmony. Recycled, biodegradable, zero-waste and ecologically friendly are some of the keywords their values are associated with – all the building blocks of an eco-lifestyle.
  • At Slowood, they want to share with you not only a galore of eco-conscious and sustainable lifestyle alternatives but also the wisdom of nature they have gratefully found along the journey.
  • They’re not only providing great food products, but also wicked home delights such as beautiful wooden fruit bowls, cutlery and other beautiful decoration for both mom and dad as well as the kids. Going to the Slowood can be a fun day out with the kids while shopping eco-conscious!
  • Bulk food shopping in Hong Kong is sorted here!

The scoop on the Slowood online shop in Hong Kong:

  • Make sure to check out their super user-friendly site, where you can start shopping for an array of healthy alternatives!
  • Baby Food, Organic Pasta’s and Rice, Healthy Ready to Eat Meals, Various seasonings under the tab “Mama Seasonings”, Organic face and body items, including feminine items, Eco-friendly wraps and bags, Organic mosquito repeller