Review Of Butter Hong Kong’s Private Baking Class

Learn How To Make The Most Decadent Cakes

Who doesn’t love a good cake? We all enjoy a slice, but what if we told you you could learn to make your own by joining one of Butter’s private classes? Got your attention there, didn’t we? We don’t blame you, no one can resist putting their aprons on to whip up a treat!

Butter is an American bake shop that gives Hong Kong a taste of tradition packaged in a box. Gigantic and scrumptious, their cakes will have you scrambling for more. We recently signed up for their private class and loved it!

Chef Karys is the mastermind behind Butter. After a quick introduction of how Butter was borne, you will get a quick walkthrough of what to expect during the baking session. First things first – pick which cake you want to make! From scrumptious apple pie, to decadent red velvet cake, as well as the irrestisble triple chocolate cake and the delicious and classic S’more cakes – where you get to toast the marshmallows with a torch to add to the fun!

At your stations, all ingredients and utensils were neatly placed and labeled. The session is perfectly balanced between a hands-off approach and welcoming guidance, and Chef Karys clearly demonstrated each step – perfect if you are a group with different levels of experience. You also get a booklet to take home, which provides printed instructions and captivating visuals.

The session is a lot of fun: mixing batter, assembling cake layers, adding frosting, and everyone’s favorite part– decorating! While this may sound complex, we reassure you it’s completely manageable for kids as well under Chef Karys’s watchful guidance. She is happy to tweak the style to accompany a younger age group with more emphasis on the frosting and decorating sections and less on the technical baking. All you need to do is let the Butter team know in advance regarding the age group, so they will be able to properly prepare. Even with no baking credentials, you can still produce stunning desserts that you get to take home and enjoy!

You can book private baking classes for sessions from Sunday to Thursday after 14:00. Each class must consist of a minimum of 4 attendees, charged at HK$1200 per head. For smaller classes, guests should contact Note bookings should be made at least 72 hours in advance for sufficient preparation time.

Sign up now via this link! Besides cakes, Butter offers cookies, milkshakes, and an ordering service. For more details on this, read all about it here.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Everyone's got an inner MasterChef. Unleash yours one cake at a time!

Who It's Perfect For:

Those interested in the craft of caking-making. We won't rule out those who have a sweet tooth– enjoy the treat you make.

What Else:​

We suggest attending with a friend/family, as opposed to alone, to spread the baking love (like butter!)

Where To Find It:​

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