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Where To Buy Helium Balloons In Hong Kong?

Party Balloons + Balloons In A Box And More!


Balloons – they are a critical part of any party, especially to complete any kid’s birthday! Lucky for us, Hong Kong has a slew of amazing stores offering traditional helium balloons to balloons in a box, confetti balloons, gigantic balloons, and more! Take your pick and enjoy the party! Here are the best stores in Hong Kong that provide party balloons and helium balloons.


  • GIFT SOMETHING: Customized Balloons + Helium Balloons + Venue Decoration

    Have a special occasion coming up or hosting a party for a special someone? Gift Something has just the right thing for you. They have balloons, bouquets, and packages for all occasions, including proposals with customized messages on helium or air balloons. Additionally, they offer venue decoration services and free delivery across Hong Kong.


    Gift Something, Unit 2202, Causeway Bay Plaza 1, 489 Hennessy Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2882 8888,,

  • MATTEO PARTY: Every Balloon Imaginable

    Matteo Party is one of the biggest online party supply stores. They manufacture and distribute party goods, including tableware, stationery, costumes, accessories, novelties, gifts, and metallic and latex balloons. Whether you are looking for balloons for birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween, or more, they have it all here! Their easy-to-use website will help you find the very best balloons to bring some color and flair to your kid's birthday party.



  • Party Hero helium balloons in Hong Kong

    PARTY HERO: Balloons In a Box + Foil Balloons + Balloon Garlands

    With a location in Wanchai and an easy-to-navigate online shop, Party Hero is a favorite for party planners and families in Hong Kong.  They offer a wide selection of balloons for every occasion, including foil balloons, number balloons, air walker balloons, balloons in a box, balloon garlands, and so much more. Pop by for inspiration or order up online!


    Party Hero, 1F, 80 Queens Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong,


  • PARTY FOR LESS: Affordable Balloons For Every Occasion

    Party For Less offers over 3000 kinds of party supplies, including party favors, balloons, candles, tableware, gift wraps, and party decoration with different themes. They are dedicated to helping you create the most fabulous party, so you don't need to worry about the annoying details. Their helpful and skillful staff will aid you in finding the best balloons to make your party pop!


    Party For Less

  • SIMPLY LOVE: Bouquet Balloons + Latex-Colored + Animal Walkers

    A longtime favorite for party planners, Simply Love has the largest selection of balloons, great service, and fantastic locations in Central and Causeway Bay. They have over 80 different latex-colored balloons making it an ideal spot for those seeking specific color combos. Their foil balloons are available in nearly every theme imaginable. The animal walkers are also very popular (they have dinosaur and unicorn walkers too). Or, just ask them to arrange a bouquet!


    Simply Love, 7A Ho Lee Commercial Building, 38 D’Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong | 2/F, Shop 220, Windsor House Shopping Mall, 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong,, Facebook Page

  • SWOON SOIREES: Confetti Balloons + Unicorn Balloons

    When you arrive on this website, you need to be prepared to stay for a while. There are balloons and unique extras for just about every theme you can imagine! Their amazing blossom collection really caught our eye, we love their pretty pink balloon garlands. They also offer quality balloons in fantastic color combinations making it easy to fit your style. For those that want to skip helium and opt for DIY balloons on sticks, they have the sticks available too. Confetti that you can put inside your balloons is offered too.



  • BORA BALL: Balloon In A Box + Confetti Balloons & More

    What's a celebration without balloons? At Bora Ball, there is a balloon for every occasion, whether it's Dad's birthday (Happy Birthday Dad!), 'It's a Girl!', you're getting married, celebrating an anniversary, or even hosting an event. They also offer themed balloons filled with confetti! They are also offering the popular balloon in a box option! Having a unicorn-themed party, the ones shown in the photo, would make a gorgeous addition.



  • Balloons in Hong Kong The Party Boutique

    THE PARTY BOUTIQUE: Huge Collections Of Balloons

    Balloon walkers - they have an enormous selection here! The Party Boutique offers about every type of balloon under the sun. You name it, they have it, whether you are looking for number and letter balloons, giant balloons, confetti-filled balloons, or any themed balloon. They have recently stocked up on beautiful chrome balloons in various colors, as featured in the photo.


    The Party,

  • 5 Year Old Birthday Party

    18 LOHAN: Personalized Balloons + Balloons In A Box

    If you're hosting a small party, want some decorations, and don't need a party planner, or are you looking for the popular balloons in a box - 18 Lohan can organize it for you! She can also help you were personalized balloons and much more. 18Lohan Production is Hong Kong's first delivery service of themed decoration supplies package  - so it comes to your door, and it's made to order.




  • BALL BA BALLOONS: Balloons For Every Occasion

    From trendy letter and number balloons to confetti balloons and more, this shop is a favorite!  There may not be a balloon you can't get at Ball Ba Balloons. From balloons in the shape of various species of dinosaur to a list of cartoon characters that span the alphabet from Agent P to Winnie the Pooh, to Anniversary, Halloween, and 'Will You Marry Me' balloons, whatever you are looking for to fill with air or helium and mark your special occasion or event, Ball Ba Balloons is the place to go.


    Ball Ba

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