Teachers Who Rock Hong Kong

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Teachers Who Rock Hong Kong - Michael Bridges - The Harbour School

We all remember our favorite teachers from school as they are the real inspiration behind the education system. This year, we want to celebrate Hong Kong’s teachers and we have asked schools around the city to submit their nominations for our first Teachers Who Rock Hong Kong! Meet them, understand what makes them beyond awesome, and share their fabulous accomplishments. What’s more? This is an ongoing initiative so if you have a teacher that rocks – you can nominate them right here, right now. Enjoy!

  • CONNOR SCHMIDT: Hamilton Hill International Kindergarten

    The first reason why Connor rocks is; he makes his classroom a place where children can't wait to get into. There's always a cool experiment or project happening. The second reason is, communication between teacher and parents is excellent. The children are continually praised for good work through excellent communication with parents. And the third reason is, the balance and the variety of content in the classroom is second to none. Each subject is engaging, creative, fun and interesting. The students love being taught by Connor - he rocks!


    Hamilton Hill International Kindergarten, www.hhik.edu.hk


  • Teachers Who Rock Hong Kong - Michael Bridges - The Harbour School

    MICHAEL BRIDGES: The Harbour School

    Captain Mike is the Captain of The Harbour School's "outdoor classroom" which is their 50-foot sailboat -The Black Dolphin. He brings his experience as a High School biology teacher to help introduce marine biology to kids of all ages. Because he is funny and friendly, kids love to ask him questions. On the boat, Mike gives kids the chance to solve problems and think deeply. He also works hard with teachers to integrate the boat with their curriculum topics.


    The Harbour School, www.ths.edu.hk

  • CECILLE NAZARENO: Yew Chung International School

    Cecille is Head of Middle School Science - and she rocks it! She enthuses such incredible passion and fun into all of her lessons. She can naturally explain the most boring topic and make it so interesting and exciting. Her vibrant personality and teaching style draws you in and makes the students want to engage, plus she is someone the students can trust and turn to as well.


    Yew Chung International School, www.ycis-hk.com

  • KAREN NORRIS: Safari Kid International Kindergarten

    Karen Norris has been teaching for over 20 years but hasn't lost an ounce of passion or dedication for teaching. She has had children arrive with almost no English speaking skills and then leave with confidence. No matter how busy, she always takes time to mentor teachers and support them in any way she can. She always goes above and beyond finding new ways to make her school awesome from inventing a new school song to planning amazing activities and field trips. Ms. Norris embodies everything a teacher should be and more!


    Safari Kid International Kindergarten, www.safarikidasia.com

  • BETTY YAU: Fairchild Kindergarten

    Betty is a soft-spoken, strong-minded Scots woman who is a rock of strength and inspiration for all educators at Fairchild Kindergarten. She rolls up her sleeves like anyone else to get the work done and always, always keeps the best interests of the children at heart. Staff, parents and children alike love her! This year, Betty completed her education degree at HK Baptist University, gaining top honors, whilst juggling the full-time role of managing Fairchild Kindergarten and looking after her own family. Wonder Woman - we think so! Betty has been instrumental in helping Fairchild to partner with some deserving local charities and organizations. Her social conscience is matched only by her warm and kind heart.


    Fairchild Kindergarten, http://fairchild.academy


  • AMY PERCIVAL: Stamford American School - Hong Kong

    Amy Percival rocks as a teacher because she shares her love and appreciation for drama with children and colleagues - her positive energy is inspiring! Children love coming to her class and participating in performances as she develops their imagination and ability to express themselves with confidence. Amy continues to develop her talents by studying towards a Masters of Education in Performing Arts from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.


    Stamford American School Hong Kong, www.sais.edu.hk

  • JAMIE ATKINSON: French International School of Hong Kong

    This year has been the first for a dedicated PE program in Primary at FIS and Jamie has taken the lead by storm with his enthusiasm for all things PE! As a former captain of the Hong Kong cricket team, Jamie has been an exciting new member of the team. The students are always excited to participate in the inter-school sports competitions and Jamie has already taken FIS to new heights in all aspects. The inter-stream (French stream v International stream) sports days have shown community spirit and proved really popular among the teachers, students, and parents.


    French International School of Hong Kong, www.fis.edu.hk

  • WAI WA JOAN NG: The Child Development Centre

    Joan works tirelessly to plan and teach engaging lessons to facilitate individual and whole class learning that inspires her colleagues to raise their expectations of themselves. She also goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that all children, regardless of their abilities, are engaged in their learning. Most importantly, she has great respect for all of her students, their families and her colleagues, inspiring confidence in parents in what can be a very emotional and challenging time as well as providing excellent leadership and direction.


    The Child Development Centre, www.cdchk.org

  • KATE ABBOTT: Mass International Preschool

    Kate is a teacher with patience who teaches young learners about how to learn and how to be a good person. She is very creative and fantastic at art - inspiring those around her! What's more rockin' about her is her desire to follow-up with kids and their families even after they leave their term with her.


    Mass International School, www.masspreschool.com

  • HELENE BIBEAU: EtonHouse International Pre-School

    Helene absolutely adores young children!  She rocks for so many reasons including her open communication style with parents, her willingness to adapt to new cultures and a different teaching philosophy, and her dedication to the kids in her classroom.


    EtonHouse International Pre-School, www.etonhouse.com.hk


  • CERI LOUISE HILL: Quarry Bay School, ESF

    With a passion for the Expressive Arts and its importance in the learning lives of all student, Ceri is a real inspiration for all.  She is an outstanding teacher who goes above and beyond in the Expressive Arts by nurturing creativity, confidence and the highest standards within students of all ages.


    Quarry Bay School - ESF, http://qbs.edu.hk

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