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Computer Games That Teach Kids Mandarin

Who knew our little tykes can now run out and learn Chinese on the online playground?  With KidsLearnMandarin.com, kids have a choice of more than ten interactive games that actively allow them to subconsciously absorb the Chinese sounds and their meanings.  Now that is cool!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

The site has something for every curious mind:

The Painter: Our little artists can now paint the world in a new language through Paint & Play.

The Stylist: Always the life of the party, our fashionistas can play Let’s Dress Up!

The Gambler: Risk takers at heart but too young for Macau casinos, these little ones will enjoy Mix & Match.

The Foodie: Juicy Fruit is perfect for kids who know their way around Soho and are looking for a new challenge.

Who It's Perfect For:

Little language buffs - toddlers and pre-schoolers (ages 2-6).

What Else:​

Their current offer is a total steal! Buy 10 games today and you get 3 bonus games free of charge.

Additional Info:​

Kids Learn Mandarin
HK$121.66 for 10 Games + 3 bonus games

Want More?

Little Steps Asia knows what families need.
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