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Psynamo Mental And Psychological Health Services For Kids And Adults

A Healthy Mind

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Founded by concerned, enlightened and empowered parents whose children have experienced and overcome a range of developmental delays, mental and allied health consultancy Psynamo is dedicated to supporting families, parents, and educators.  The focus is to live positively, improve mental health and raise awareness of mental health issues for all whenever possible.

The Scoop:

*WHO: Psynamo consists of a group of qualified and caring mental and allied health consultants, from clinical psychologists to play therapists, and from art & drama therapists, to speech & language therapists.  They have you covered.

*SERVICES: The diverse and multidisciplinary services include Adult Clinical Psychology, Child & Adolescent Psychotherapy and Play Therapy, Adult Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, Counselling: Child, Adolescent, Family and Individual, Arts & Drama Therapy and Speech & Language Assessment and Therapy.  Simply call them up to find out more!

*COURSES: There is also a wide range of courses for children, teens, families and individuals to support optimal development in areas that need more support, exploring topics like mindfulness and social emotional development for kids, as well as positive family empowerment for parents.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Psynamo offers kids and adults a wide range of services and workshops focusing on mental health, speech therapy, and more.

Who It's Perfect For:

Everyone from infant to adults, family to corporations. They also provide assessments for kids, so if you are concerned abut your child, just call them up and they will hold you hand.

What Else:​

The team provides professional, confidential and sensitive attention to support optimal development. Services are currently offered in English.

Additional Info:​


Suite 1201, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

+852 2789 9907



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