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21 Eco-Warriors That Rock Hong Kong – Your Eco Influencers

Sharing Their Top Tips With HK Parents

Eco Warriors That Rock Hong Kong

The eco world in Hong Kong is growing rapidly! So we at Little Steps have spoken to some of the amazing eco-warriors who are making big changes in our city and ask them to share their top tips for eco-loving kids in Hong Kong. Read on to discover more about them and what makes them the Hong Kong’s eco-warriors!

  • CLAIRE YATES: Founder Of The Lion Rock Press & Co Founder Eco Drive

    About Claire: she grew up between two cultures, having a Hong Kong Chinese mother and an English father, and she draws on these influences every day in the running of her premium stationery and gift company, The Lion Rock Press. Supporting local causes wherever she can, her idea of the now cult “No Plastic Mm Goi” range of eco products was born of a passion to wage war with the problem of single-use plastics in the city and to try and make going green cool and aspirational. A co-founder of the non-profit, EcoDrive, Claire works tirelessly to promote the awareness and reduction of single-use plastics in Hong Kong, specializing in Corporate Outreach, having started industry roundtables with many of the city’s most influential business leaders.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: You don’t have to wait for organized beach cleanups- you can make a difference every day! Get together with your friends and family and visit a beach or walking trail- take a bag, gloves, and tongs and pick up the trash you see lying in our environment. Take photos and use them to educate other people. Dispose or recycle the trash responsibly and tell your teacher all about it to raise awareness of what we can all do at individual and community level to make a positive difference!

  • CRAIG LEESON: Award-Winning Journalist, Filmmaker, T.V. Presenter & Public Speaker

    About Craig: he made his feature-length directorial debut on the multi-award-winning, the internationally acclaimed film A Plastic Ocean. Described by David Attenborough as “the most important film of our time”, A Plastic Ocean has been vital in making the world wake up to our plastic crisis. Craig is also the global evangelist for Plastic Oceans International and an advisor to the Klosters Foundation. Craig can currently be found filming his next documentary The Last Glaciers which aims to bring awareness to climate change.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: The world is a beautiful place filled with amazing plants and animals. Every single living organism is connected with every other living organism, including us humans. So, if we harm one organism by polluting the environment it lives in or changing the temperature of its biosphere then we are also harming ourselves. We need to protect the natural world to protect ourselves and to provide a future for all living things.

  • SARAH GARNER: Founder Retykle

    About Sarah:  The idea for Retykle emerged within a few months of Sarah’s first child being born. Watching just how quickly he outgrew clothing each month was astonishing and Sarah wanted to create a convenient solution for constantly rotating children’s wardrobes. After many years of working in the luxury fashion industry, diverted her experience towards building something that she could be proud of and model for her son, and now daughter too, that would positively impact the environment, parents lives, and the community.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Once we educate children and parents about our concept, we are thrilled with how quickly they embrace recycling their wardrobes. I would suggest getting your children involved in the process. Give your tykes the task of sorting their outgrown clothes into sell, donate and treasure piles. When you sell with us, you could let your kids decide how to spend or donate the money they earn from selling their outgrown clothes. This will help highlight why it's worthwhile to take care of their clothes and to consider the afterlife of each item.

  • EMILY LAM HO: Co Founder EcoDrive Hong Kong & Empact28

    About Emily: is the Founder and CEO of Empact28, an investment company that focuses on funding women entrepreneurs or businesses that have a positive social or environmental impact. Emily is also one of the co-founders of EcoDrive Hong Kong, an NGO that promotes the awareness and reduction of single-use plastic, through education, corporate partnerships, and community outreach programs. And she is the proud mamma of two little ones who inspire her every day.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Caring for the world around us should be something we practice every day.  It is crucial to know and understand what is at stake here if we don’t protect the earth. Ask yourself if we are not protecting the planet and doing our part then who will? You need to step up and lead by example and inspire the people around you. Always be the leader and show everyone how cool sustainability is.

  • SONALIE FIGUEIRAS: Founder & Editor in Chief, Green Queen Media

    About Sonalie: founder & editor-in-chief of Green Queen, an award-winning impact media platform advocating for social & environmental change in Hong Kong with a mission to shift consumer behavior through inspiring & empowering original content. She is also the founder & CEO of Ekowarehouse, the global sourcing platform for certified organic products, with a mission to make safe, quality food accessible & affordable for the whole planet. Sonalie also recently launched a podcast series about the Zero Waste Movement in Hong Kong to raise awareness about plastic pollution and the circular economy. When she is not working, Sonalie is usually dreaming up new plant-based recipes in the kitchen for her family.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Spend time outside exploring Hong Kong. Make it a family game: every weekend, a new hike in a new location. Also once every few weeks, join a beach cleanup- this is a great way to support our local NGOs and help keep our Hong Kong beaches pristine. Lastly, I recommend spending a day at the Hong Kong Wetland Park- it's an amazing chance to discover Hong Kong's flora and fauna.

  • NATALIE KIENTZ IBANEZ: Founder Of Respectful Living

    About Natalie: Natalie’s husband has been working in the sustainability field for over a decade and she has been eco-conscious for as long as she can remember. Natalie does her best to educate her children on the subject by showing them every day how easy and fulfilling life is when we respect our environment. Through her instagram, Respectful Living Natalie shares how her family is achieving a low waste, eco-conscious lifestyle in Hong Kong as well as what is happening on the green scene here.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: It is important to inform yourself about the subject by asking questions or reading. Every little helps and share with your friends about what you have learned and what you do to protect our beautiful planet and its animals and plants.

  • RAPHAEL DE RY: Founder Of Edgar

    About Raphael: Edgar was the starting point for Raphael to introduce bulk shopping to Hong Kong in late 2016. From food distribution to bulk shop, there was only one pull for him to go zero waste. Pushed by his European suppliers, who saw a bright future for bulk, and after visiting the first 100% package free pop up shop opened in France by the largest organic chain store to celebrate the UN meeting of the COP21, Edgar was born from a desire to enable Hong-Kongers to the benefits of sustainable shopping.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: You will have seen videos of a sea turtle blighted with a plastic straw in its nostrils, and the sheer amount of plastic pieces inside the stomach of an albatross. That is, unfortunately, just the tip of the iceberg of our plastic pollution. Bring your own container not just help to save the environment from our plastic consumption, but bulk purchase can also reduce food waste.

  • ANNELIESE SMILLIE: Executive Director Redress

    About Anneleise: Is the Executive Director of Redress, she is focused on working with her team to formulate new planning processes and strategies, whilst focusing on resources where they will have the greatest impact. She's an environmentalist at heart and is passionate about reducing waste and promoting new models that create lasting social change. She is currently Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Animals Asia and also founded their successful education program “Professor Paws”.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Don't throw your clothes away when you're finished with them - think about swapping, sharing, mending, upcycling or donating them to Redress and help us reduce the environmental impact of fashion.

  • TAMSIN THORNBURROW & LEAH BIRKBY: Founders Live Zero Bulk Foods

    About Tamsin & Leah: They run Live ZeroBulk Foods, Hong Kong's first zero waste grocery store. Their love for the environment inspired them to address the global plastic pollution crisis, by opening a one-stop shop for eco-friendly daily essentials. Having grown up in Hong Kong, they felt that it was important to provide a solution for over-packaging in HK and a platform for low impact sustainable living. If they’re not in the shop, you’ll find them out hiking with their doggies!

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Your actions count, no matter how small they are! If you encourage your friends and parents to also make eco-friendly choices it will add up to create positive environmental change.

  • ERIC SWINTON: Founder V Cycle

    About Eric: the founder of V Cycle, a social enterprise that is tackling Hong Kong’s environmental issues on both an ecological and human level. V cycle provides environmental education to schools, businesses, and the general public on plastic reduction and responsible recycling. At the same time, V Cycle collects different types of plastic waste in Hong Kong and repurpose them into high- value products, while creating job opportunities and caring for elderly waste pickers and adults with special needs.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Waste is not waste unless we waste it!

  • PEGGY CHAN: Chef and Owner at Grassroots Pantry

    About Peggy: As the chef and owner of Grassroots Pantry, Peggy’s approach to plant-based cooking is technique-driven, with an added dose of mindfulness, bringing out textures and depth of flavor in vegetables and legumes.  Her dishes and subsequently food philosophy have earned her a loyal and passionate following while also converting many. Her passions for community development lie beyond the kitchen. An authority on sustainability, she is regularly commissioned to develop educational programs for schools, consulting for other industries and start-ups, and has established herself and her restaurant as a training ground for young F&B professionals.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Stay inquisitive and question everything. Seek the truth and tell it always.

  • VICKI CHUARD: Founder of Petit Tippi Natural, Organic, Eco-Friendly Baby Boutique

    About Vicki: started Petit Tippi when she started sourcing high-quality, well designed and eco-friendly products for her first baby from around the world. She now offers a wide selection of baby, maternity and kids products for the modern family - products that are beautifully designed, sustainable and healthy that she uses herself with her two toddlers. They now also offer a wide array of workshops at their showroom in Sai Ying Pun on topics like beginner cloth diapering, tear-free sleep training, breastfeeding, toddler development & behavior, and calm birth so that parents have easier access to support for alternative parenting methods.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Every small change can make a big impact, it’s about being conscious of the day-to-day choices that we make as a consumer and as a global citizen. We don’t need a handful of people practicing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly.

  • CRISTINA LOPEZ MCLAUCHLAN: Founder Of The Vibe Tribe

    About Cristina: founder The Vibe Tribe in 2016, as an agent of change this platform supports conscious and ethical brands and is a place where conscious leaders can showcase their work. Cristina also founded Conscious Cinema. A global platform using film as the medium. Sharing & creating awareness of conscious consumerism and the imprint we leave on our planet.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Carry on being passionate about the world we live in. Know that you CAN make a difference no matter how small your efforts to look after our Earth are. Share with your family and your friends your ideas and get them to support you. Our Earth is our home, and it is where you will live and where your children will live. We must carry on creating the change.

  • HANNAH CHUNG: Hong Kong Lead Of Revolv

    About Hannah:  has been sharing her zero waste challenge for over two years, seeking eco-alternatives and green solutions for everyday living while aiming to achieve zero waste in Hong Kong. She is the Hong Kong Lead of Revolv, a circular economy driven program aiming to eliminate single-use plastics through truly smart and beautiful reusables for the to-go food industry. Additionally, she is the Co-Chair for the annual Food's Future Summit organized by Foodie.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Start small, vote with your dollars, and spread the word! I guess that's three pieces, but the sentiment is that every action we make is part of the bigger picture of our ecosystem. Start demanding better from the places you shop; refuse that plastic bag, bring your own water bottle, start shopping second hand. These little actions made from a lot of people will send a message and create a culture that really wants to move away from single-use waste.

  • MING CHAN: Co-founder Hong Kong Community Composting

    About Ming: she was shocked into action after swimming through patches of ocean plastic every day in Raja Ampat, a beautiful remote corner of Indonesia.  After returning to Hong Kong, she took to social media in 2017 as the Garbage Activist to document her waste reduction journey, sharing tips and resources, though never quite getting near the ubiquitous waste-in-a-jar because of food scraps. Not willing to give up, she co-founded Hong Kong Community Composting in 2018 to empower people to compost through DIY workshops and food waste drop-off bins.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Get your hands dirty! Permaclub and Rooftop Republictake you on bug hunts through the farm, teach you how to grow plants on your balcony and compost at home.

  • SUZANNE YOUNAN: Author & Founder Of Green Dragons HK

    About Suzanne: A true nature and animal lover Suzanne was compelled to involve others in her plight to raise awareness. She gathered a team of volunteers, Green Dragons HK, to engage the dragon boat community to reduce single-use plastics at training and events. At one race event, it can be possible for 3-4,000 single-use plastic bottles to be distributed to hydrate the paddlers. The GDHK volunteer group has been working with paddlers, event organizers and sponsors to bring alternative solutions to the single-use plastic that is used. Green Dragons HK now gather more than 1100 paddlers from 32 different teams who pledge to paddle without plastic and perform a short beach clean up after each training.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: I always ask the kids: "What can you do for the planet today?"We can all take action at our level and we change the world one step at a time!

  • DOUGLAS WOODRING: Founder/Managing Director Of Ocean Recovery Alliance

    About Douglas: Founder and Managing Director of Ocean Recovery Alliance, a non-profit organization which is focused on bringing together innovative solutions, technology, collaborations, and policy to create positive improvements for the health of the ocean. He was recently awarded the 2018 Prince’s Prize for Innovative Philanthropy in Monaco and was selected of one of the top 50 Watermen of the World. He is a UN Climate Hero, and Google Earth Hero for his efforts, and has been on the advisory board of the XPrize, and The Economist’s World Oceans Summit

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Always ask “why” if you don’t understand why something is happening or if it seems wrong. Never be afraid to undertake a huge challenge, even if only by yourself.

  • FANNY MORITZ: Founder of NO!W No Waste & Public Speaker

    About Fanny: In 2016, Fanny launched the platform NO!W No Waste for all the Zero Waste essentials you need to reduce your daily waste and avoid single-use plastic. Two years later, convinced by the fact that we are facing a real emergency, she decided to get her message to the next level. She now focuses on giving talks to encourage more people to switch to a zero waste lifestyle.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: No, the balloons do not go up into space. Unfortunately, they will always fall at some point… in to the sea, into nature. Please avoid balloons.

  • DANA WINOGRAD: Director Of Operations Plastic Free Seas Hong Kong

    About Dana: the Director-Operations of Plastic Free Seas (PFS), having joined when it first started in 2013. She has lived in HK for over 23 years and first got involved with environmental issues in 2007 when she helped drive recycling in Discovery Bay where she lives. Seeing that it would take more than recycling to help solve the problem of plastic marine pollution, Dana joined PFS to help change people's use of plastic through education and action and has delivered talks on waste reduction and personal behaviour change to students from kindergarten through to university, as well as to adults within the corporate program. Plastic Free Seas has reached over 50,000 students in more than 140 schools through in-class, beach and sea programs.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Remember that everything you do can make a difference. Never think you are just one child so it doesn't matter. You can have a big effect on others through your behavior. People may not listen the first time, but by seeing your actions, eventually, they may change their ways. This is your world and your future - be kind to it and be the change to want to see!

  • LISA ODELL: Founder Of Plastic Free HK

    About Lisa: She's been living in Hong Kong for the past 10 years with her husband Jonathan, kids Owen and Ava and beloved cats Basil and Simba.  Even though she had only planned to come for 1 year, she met her husband on her third day here and Sai Kung has now become home!  When not out on the water exploring new beaches and having outdoor fun, you can find her chasing after her young kids or hard at work trying to grow Plastic Free HK and spread the message of reducing plastic use in Hong Kong.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Just say “NO” to single-use plastics, from as early of an age as possible, and the world will benefit greatly!  More than half of plastic pollution comes from the single-use kind, so if we can curb this habit and learn to use reusables, a huge impact will be made for yours and future generations.

  • ALLIE ROOKE: Clean Beauty Asia

    About Allie: She's a British Australian who has spent most of her career working for luxury beauty brands in Asia. Following a long struggle with infertility, Allie discovered the world of natural and clean beauty products.  Allie is now a clean beauty convert and writes a blog, My Clean Cosmetics, where she shares her favorite beauty finds.  In addition to this, Allie has a consultancy helping Clean beauty brands enter and expand in Asia.

    Advice for eco-loving kids: Never think that you can’t make a difference. We all can, in our own unique ways, just by being a little more conscious of our actions. From the products we buy to the way we throw them away – every little bit does help.

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