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How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex – Tips From The Experts!

Little Steps Facebook Live With Mary Flo Ridley

Sperm And Flower Facebook Live Birds & The Bees

It’s one of the most daunting conversations you’ll ever have with your child – talking to them about the birds and the bees! Many of us keep putting it off in the hope that it will be covered at school, or your partner will do it instead!

We recently did a Facebook Live session with Mary Flo Ridley, founder of Birds & The Bees, who is an expert at talking to kids about sex in a straightforward way!

Want to sign up for their online course? Check out their website for more details! There’s a 20% discount code for Little Steps Readers when you use the code LITTLESTEPS20 at the checkout! 

In the Facebook Live video, Mary Flo addresses important topics such as how to start this most difficult of conversations, the birds and bees for older kids (8-12 years) and protecting your child on and offline.

She has advice on how to tackle situations such as when kids shut the conversation down, and stresses the importance of being anatomically correct when talking about body parts.

The Birds & The Bees online course is just an hour long and takes things step by step, from birth to conception. It also covers keeping the conversation going once we have covered the basics.

We know it might be tricky, but remember, if you initiate a chat, it’s a great opportunity to tell your child what you want them to know about the birds and the bees, rather than what they hear from their friends or the internet.

Good luck having “the talk” – we know you’re going to do a great job!

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