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Discover Inalife: The New Digital Legacy Platform

Connect, Share Memories & Record Time Delayed Messages For Loved Ones To Receive In The Future

Inalife is a newly-launched global digital legacy platform that provides families with an easy and safe way to connect with each other on an interactive family tree, preserving priceless memories on their personal profiles, as well as allowing them to record time-delayed messages.

An amazing feature of the platform is the ability to record these time-delayed messages – subscribers can plan when a family member will receive a message or video from them in the future. So imagine recording a video for your two-year-old now that they will receive on their 40th birthday for example!

Nicholas Worley, who founded Inalife, had the idea of creating the platform when his grandfather passed away, and from stories from other people who wished they could hear from their loved ones who had succumbed to illnesses or dementia, one more time. Inalife hence creates a digital legacy that can be treasured forever.

Inalife is now available as a platform through their website and will be launching as an app very soon. You can sign up now for free with a basic memory package of storage (100MB) – all data is encrypted for safe and secure cloud storage. Other paid packages are also available here.

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