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Buying Domestic Helper Beds And Furniture in Hong Kong

Where To Buy Helper Furniture In Hong Kong?

helper beds and bunk beds Hong Kong

Your helper is a huge part of the family, and ensuring she has a warm and relaxing space to retire to at the end of the day is vital. Whether she’s fun, down to earth or a little more serious, there are some great ways to decorate her room and make her feel at home. From beds to chairs to little extras for her room – this guide on where to buy domestic helper furniture has it all from beds to desks to linens and beyond.

  • Helpers-Room-Furniture-In-Hong-Kong-Ikea

    IKEA: Helper Beds, Bunk Beds, Furniture In Hong Kong

    We all know space is of the essence in Hong Kong and we want our helpers to have a good night's sleep in a cozy yet comfortable room. IKEA is known for their practical furniture that allows you to store your things away without taking up too much space. So take your helper to IKEA to find storage solutions so your helper has as much space as possible to create a lovely room and keep her things clean and safe.



  • TYPO : Homewares And Wall Decorations For Helper Rooms In Hong Kong

    Looking for fun colorful things to brighten up your helper's room, look no further than Typo. They offer products across the categories of; homewares, decorator, travel, tech, card and wrap, office and DIY crafts. Whether it’s a cool picture to hang on the wall, a new bedside light or something fun for her day off, they have a wide selection of items to choose from.



  • Helpers-Room-Furniture-In-Hong-Kong-Takad

    TAKAD: Custom Made Helper Beds, Bunk Beds, Furniture In Hong Kong

    Takad makes lovely wooden beds that come in a few shapes and sizes. They have regular bunk beds, bunk beds with shelving - great if you have two helpers - and they also have a pine double bunk bed with under-bed storage. All of their furniture is excellent quality and very affordable. A little tip, paint the beds in whatever color your helper chooses. Turn it into a family activity!



  • H&M HOME: Homewares And Wall Decorations For Helper Rooms In Hong Kong

    H&M has expanded to home decoration for a while now, even though it has vanished from their website. Fret not, their massive Causeway Bay flagship store is still there and you can get super affordable gems! Whether you want trendy affordable single bedsheets or some woven baskets for jewelry. For bargain-priced and chic items for your helper's room, head here.


    H&M Home, 2-3/F, Pearl City Mansion, 22 Paterson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

  • JAPAN HOME CENTRE: Storage And Homewares For Helper Rooms Hong Kong

    Japan Home Centre provides cheap and cheerful homewares that will brighten up any helper's room in an instant. If it’s something simple she would like such as a new shower holder, a body scrubber, something to store her nick nacks in, then this is the place to go.


    Japan Home Centre

  • Helpers-Room-Furniture-In-Hong-Kong-PriceRite

    PRICERITE: Helper Furniture In Hong Kong

    Pricerite is the largest home furnishing and accessories store in Hong Kong. From furniture items such as beds, cabinets, and wardrobes, to storage supplies such as boxes, bathroom supplies and more. They can have a plain helper's room looking bright and colorful in no time.


    Pricerite Hong Kong,,

  • 2ND CHANCE: Helper Furniture In Hong Kong

    Husband and wife team, Richard and Mavis, set up 2nd Chance as a way to get rid of your furniture easily. Here you can buy and sell quality 2nd hand furnishings and accessories at affordable prices. So if your helper is looking for something a little unique, be sure to bring her down and find something that will suit her room.


    2nd Chance,

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