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Creating a Cozy Retreat: Where to Buy Domestic Helper Furniture An Beds in Hong Kong

From Custom Made Beds To Single Style Beds And Furniture Too For Your Helpers

Where To Find Helper Furniture And Beds Hong Kong

Make your domestic helper feel at home with comfortable and functional furniture in her living space. This guide presents the top places in Hong Kong to find helper furniture, from beds to desks and more. Discover practical solutions at IKEA for maximizing space, explore vibrant home decorations at Typo, or opt for custom-made wooden beds from TAKAD. H&M Home offers affordable and trendy homewares, while Japan Home Centre provides cheap and cheerful storage options. For a wide selection of furniture and accessories, check out Pricerite and 2nd Chance. Help your helper feel valued and appreciated with thoughtfully curated furnishings, beds, linens, and more!

  • Helpers-Room-Furniture-In-Hong-Kong-Ikea

    IKEA: Cheap And Affordable Helper Beds, Bed Frames, Bunk Beds, And Furniture In Hong Kong

    In space-constrained Hong Kong, providing your helper with a comfortable and relaxing room is essential. Discover how IKEA's practical and space-saving furniture solutions can help you create a cozy and functional living space for your helper. From helper beds to storage options, find the perfect furniture pieces to maximize space and ensure your helper's room is clean, organized, and inviting. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a well-designed and restful sanctuary for your valued helper!  Small single beds - they have them here too!


  • TYPO : Homewares And Wall Decorations For Domestic Helper Rooms In Hong Kong

    Spruce up your helper's room with a splash of fun and color at Typo! This exciting store offers a diverse range of products, from homewares to travel accessories, tech gadgets, and more. Whether you're looking for trendy wall decor, a charming bedside light, or delightful goodies for her day off, Typo has an extensive selection to cater to your needs. Let your helper's personality shine through with these vibrant and playful additions to her living space!


  • Helpers-Room-Furniture-In-Hong-Kong-Takad

    TAKAD: Affordable Custom Made Helper Beds, Bunk Beds, Furniture In Hong Kong

    Takad makes lovely wooden beds that come in a few shapes and sizes. They have regular bunk beds, bunk beds with shelving - great if you have two helpers - and they also have a pine double bunk bed with under-bed storage. All of their furniture is of excellent quality and very affordable. A little tip, paint the beds in whatever color your helper chooses. Turn it into a family activity!  This is also one of the only options in Hong Kong that has cheap custom (fit in any area) furniture in Hong Kong.


  • H&M HOME: Homewares And Wall Decorations For Helper Rooms In Hong Kong

    H&M has expanded to home decoration for a while now, even though it has vanished from their website. Fret not, their massive Causeway Bay flagship store is still there and you can get super affordable gems! Whether you want trendy affordable single bedsheets or some woven baskets for jewelry. For bargain-priced and chic items for your helper's room, head here.  They also have linen, pillows, and towels too.

    H&M Home, 2-3/F, Pearl City Mansion, 22 Paterson St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

  • JHC Store Hong Kong

    JAPAN HOME CENTRE: Storage And Homewares For Helper Rooms Hong Kong

    Japan Home Centre provides cheap and cheerful homewares that will brighten up any helper's room in an instant. If it’s something simple she would like such as a new shower holder, a body scrubber, or something to store her nick-nacks in, then this is the place to go.  Locations are all over Hong Kong.

    Japan Home Centre

  • Helpers-Room-Furniture-In-Hong-Kong-PriceRite

    PRICERITE: Helper Furniture In Hong Kong

    Pricerite is the largest home furnishing and accessories store in Hong Kong. From furniture items such as beds, cabinets, and wardrobes, to storage supplies such as boxes, bathroom supplies and more. They can have a plain helper's room looking bright and colorful in no time.

    Pricerite Hong Kong, [email protected],

  • 2ND CHANCE: Second Hand Helper Furniture In Hong Kong

    The husband and wife team, Richard and Mavis, set up 2nd Chance as a way to get rid of your furniture easily. Here you can buy and sell quality 2nd hand furnishings and accessories at affordable prices. So if your helper is looking for something a little unique, be sure to bring her down and find something that will suit her room.  Most of the furniture here is in a contemporary Chinese tone.

    2nd Chance,


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