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Developing A Strong Sense Of Purpose

Early Years Open House And Personalized Tours At Hong Kong Academy 2021

2021 Apr 08 - 2021 Apr 30

Hong Kong Academy Open House and Personalized Tours2021

Learning works differently for every single child. Facts and text inspire some children while others are kinesthetic, bringing their ideas to life with color, modeling and movement. At Hong Kong Academy, the Early Childhood teachers understand no one size fits all education model. They create a warm and inspiring environment in which the students have fun while staying motivated and engaged. Founded in 2000 by two parents Teresa Richman and Ben Frankel, HKA celebrated its 20th anniversary this school year.

If you would like to see HKA’s teachers and students in action for yourself, please contact them or register for a Personalised Tour or Open House.

  • HKA open house and personalized tours - integrated curriculum

    Highly Integrated Curriculum

    The Hong Kong Academy team believes that through authentic learning experiences. As one of seven fully authorized three-program IB World Schools in Hong Kong, they deliver a highly integrated education in all subjects while working together to reinforce learning concepts and skills at every grade level. Early Childhood students work on 4-5 units of inquiry each year. The homeroom teachers coordinate with the specialist teachers to bring each unit of inquiry to life and capture the students' imagination and interest by looking at learning concepts from different perspectives. The students build a deeper appreciation of the ideas and apply their learning and skills in different ways.

  • HKA highly integrated curriculum

    Kindergarten Bridge Designers In Action

    In Kindergarten, the students recently worked on ‘How we Organise Ourselves.’ Working with art and homeroom teachers, they looked into the role of bridge designers, their purpose, and how they help connect places.  After an initial design session, the students engaged in a STEAM challenge to develop, understand and embed mathematics principles. They also interviewed experts and asked questions. Finally, they updated their design, by-experimenting with different materials, and improving it in a real-world setting.

  • Hong Kong Academy open house and personalized tours- sustainability in action

    Sustainability Champions

    HKA learners also develop their sense of purpose through the lens of sustainability. In 2020 HKA's campus was awarded Gold BEAM status with full marks in the Innovations and Additions category. Features such as rainwater harvesting, green roof, organic gardens, freecycle uniform programs, and food donation schemes keep sustainable goals at the forefront of students’ life. Students are also encouraged to participate in and develop their sustainability initiatives with Pre-K composting and Kindergarten plastic waste reduction schemes. The students recently partnered with operations to produce this video which was used as part their campaign to educate, spread awareness and inspire other students, faculty and parents.

Where To Find It:​

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