‘Elemental’: Pixar’s Latest Magical Adventure Movie In Hong Kong

A Kid-Friendly Movie Ideal For 2023 Summer Nights

2023 Jul 06 - 2023 Sep 06

Grab your tickets now! Pixar’s latest movie Elemental is set to release in Hong Kong on July 6th, 2023! Perfect for kids who loved the adorable characters from Inside Out, Elemental follows a similar embrace of colored icons. But instead of emotions, it’s based on elements: air, water, land, and fire.

These four are forbidden to mix, so when Ember and Wade, a juxtaposed duo of blazy feistiness and (literally) go-with-the-flow ease, do so, they challenge everything they’ve ever known. An unlikely journey begins to discover what it means to write your own narrative. Might we mention that alongside this beautiful morale, its rom-com genre makes it the perfect light-hearted summer movie?

Save the date! Our hot take: it’ll be one of the top summer 2023 movies for kids. Find out which cinemas we recommend for your viewing here. For our updated list of new and upcoming movies in Hong Kong, click here!


Why Little Steps Loves It:​

What's not to love about cute little characters who each have their special quality? Yes, it's an animated movie, but we appreciate how convincing and true all the elements look. Classic Pixar.

Who It's Perfect For:

Kids, kids, kids! But are any parents getting flashbacks of Avatar: The Last Airbender? This might be a modern rendition stirring up some nostalgia for old fans.

What Else:​

The post-credit scene features "Steal The Show", an original song by artist Lauv. So besides a good watch, you'll get a new song for your summer playlist, too.

Where To Find It:​

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