Friendship is one of life's greatest gifts. Unlike some things, like your bedtime, your friends are your choice. Friendship transcends culture, gender, and age because friends that play together stay together and stand together. The Molo Friendship special collection celebrates this message in the coolest way with a collection consisting of fresh, sporty pieces, some in unisex and others in almost identical styles but with a little twist.

With Molo, there’s always an element of surprise and this time, get ready to don some really vibrant pieces that are full of life, just like your funniest friend!  Crisp colors like tomato red, twilight blue and black and white set the scene with cute and on point slogans. Among the many other standout pieces is the cutesy ‘you + me = us’ text used as a checked pattern on denim, and as a side tape on shorts. Dressing up in Molo is always fun so immerse yourself in the Friendship capsule collection and make friends!

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