Before screens took immersion to another level and put instant gratification at the tip of everyone's fingers, playgrounds were the ultimate destination for our kiddos. K11 MUSEA - a cultural hub of the cultural hub that is the Victoria Dockside and one of Hong Kong's latest and most innovative landmarks - is putting playgrounds back on the map with the help of award-winning Danish playground designers Monstrum!

The element of discovery is the key to K11's vibrant outdoor playground concept that is the Peacock Playground. The attraction looks like a whimsical art installation, and much like art, it lets the imagination take the lead as it offers no ready answers. Kids get a lot of opportunities for exploration, learning and play, each in charge of their own unique experience.

The 9-meter Papa Peacock is the central piece and a playground classic at its core - a slide - with an inspired twist: kids have to figure out a way to climb up its flowing tail before they go down its 6-meter tubular slide! The playground is located in the lush rooftop open space of the Bohemian Garden and additionally features a reclining peahen and a group of peacocks to befriend!