There’s an indescribable feeling of stepping into an arcade. That freedom of having so many types of games to choose from, coupled with the possibility of scoring a prize at the end of it all, is enough to send children in a frenzy and awaken the inner child inside most adults.

Which is why Timezone’s latest flagship store located at VivoCity is what dreams are made of. Once you’ve given in to the little ones’ constant tugs at your shirt to proceed inside, you’ll discover 12,000 square feet worth of games and machines to get caught up in. You’ll be instantly drawn to the Bumper Cars (SG$8 per person) – a carnival favorite – that can entertain large groups as you attempt to knock others while avoiding getting hit yourself.

If you and kiddos want to flex your muscles without breaking a sweat, the classic basketball stations (SG$2.50 per game) and bowling alley (SG$6 per game) will come in handy too. The mini-bowling stations have the option of being decked out in fun designs and are customized for younger players to score, making it a fun option for families. Of course, classic arcade games like Dance Dance Revolution, UFO Claw Cranes and Race Car Simulations also available will get your competitive spirit on in vying for your personal high scores.

Once you and the little ones are done with each station, marvel at the paper tickets that trickle out, converts them to points in your membership card, and ultimately exchange them for prizes! And with rewards that range from plush toys to board games, you and the kiddos will be spoilt for choice!