#BraveHeartSG is an initiative by StandUpForSG (social movement), with the aim of celebrating courage in times of adversity. This COVID-19 pandemic, along with circuit breaker measures and prolonged social distancing measures, is causing families additional stress, fear, and anxiety. Police reports have stated that family violence has increased by 22% since the beginning of the "circuit breaker" period in April and experts also have increasingly stressed the need to address the psychological stress brought on by the pandemic.

In light of this, #BraveHeartSG has launched a series of free home kits that can be downloaded from their website at www.braveheart.sg. These #BraveHeartSG's toolkits help families better equip themselves with the tools to improve their communications and strengthen relationships during uncertain times. The toolkits for families were developed with the advice of psychologists, coaches, and educators from different walks, targetted at strengthening the 3 domains of cognition, emotional awareness, and managing tension.

Aside from toolkits for families, #BraveHeart will also be releasing more toolkits for the larger community in dealing with issues such as managing grief, friendships, and neighbor relationships. Visit www.braveheart.sg for more information about the toolkits.