It's tea time, kids!  A unique combination of tea lounge, restaurant, antique shop and book store, Biku is the perfect place to relax, refuel, and pick up a unique nicknack or two. 

Known for its afternoon tea, including Biku’s special Children’s High Tea, this place has the right vibe. Tea and cake themed coloring sheets and a huge basket of toys await the kiddos upon their arrival. Parents are invited to enjoy a cup of tea and a good book, while the kiddies play and have their own tea-time!

Biku’s restaurant also serves up super yummy and healthy food throughout the day. Biku’s kids menu includes favorites such as fairy bread, fish and chips, spaghetti bolognese, cupcakes, and the famous gingerbread man. The kids are going to love this place just as much as you! 

You want to be a kid again, don’t you?