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Google Family Fun With Arts And Culture

Google Arts and Culture

If you’ve been homeschooling your kids these last couple months there’s a good chance you’re running out creative ways to augment what they’ve been learning. Or maybe you’ve just run out of the energy to find the resources to do so. Google’s got your back as they’ve created an educational and very interactive platform for kids and families. There’s something for all ages and all interests. Even grown-ups can learn something, or at the very least, be highly entertained.

Here are the different subjects you can explore:

Art: Take a look inside some of the most famous art galleries, learn interesting facts about the most iconic painters and their works of art, or find hidden objects in world-famous paintings.

Animals: Dive deep into the underwater world and learn about deep-sea creatures, get up close to some Jurassic giants, explore natural history museums from around the world, and did dragons ever exist in real life?

Science And Space: Learn the story behind the invention of everyday items such as the telephone, take a journey through space exploring the International Space Station or Orion Nebula, and get inspired by the story of Marie Curie and other great minds of the past.

Books And Films: Take a virtual tour of iconic movie locations, learn some Harry Potter magic, and try not to drool over some of the most incredible libraries from around the world.

Music And Dance: Get a front-row seat at performances of West Side Story and other musicals and symphonies, try your hand at naming rare instruments, or become versed in musical styles from around the world.

History: Get to know Martin Luther King Jr and others who have helped make the world a better place, learn how the days of the week got their names, or take a virtual stroll around some of the most iconic historic sights across the world.

Around The World: Your kids will be fascinated to learn what life is like for other kids from around the world. Dig into snacks and dishes from different countries and cultures, learn the history of the hoodie, ripped jeans and other fashion staples, or get crafty and try your hand at crafts from around the world.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Kids and families could spend hours exploring and learning from all of the great content on this site. And since it's so interactive, fun, and includes visuals for everything, it doesn't feel like learning.

Who It's Perfect For:

It's perfect for kids that are homeschooling that need a break from traditional learning, but pretty much anybody that can navigate a webpage would benefit from this site.

What Else:​

If you want the kids to have some off-screen time you can download and print the activity book they've included at the bottom of the home screen. It includes coloring pages, mazes, and connect the dots activities.

Where To Find It:​

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