Guide To Booking A Vasectomy At Bumrungrad International Hospital In Thailand

Have A Full Check-Up While You're There

Thailand is a thriving hub for medical-tourists, and Bumrungrad International is one of the top destinations. This hospital was the first to receive JCI accreditation in Asia, and the first private hospital in Thailand to be accredited by the Healthcare Accreditation Institute. Of its now 19 JCI-accredited hospitals, Bumrungrad International is the most famous.

This a luxurious million-square-foot complex in downtown Bangkok has over 1,200 physicians and dentists on staff, most with international training and certification. Bumrungrad has a host of language interpreters, lodgings and has another arm that can arrange for travel and visa services.

For men who are looking for a vasectomy, Bumrungrad International is a great choice. You can simply email the hospital, share with them details on what you want to do and they will respond to you quickly.

* They perform both normal and no-scalpel vasectomy. However, the doctor will confirm the type of procedure after the consultation.

* You can either come back to see our doctor for follow-up after the procedure 1 – 2 days or fly back after the procedure and follow-up with your local doctor in Hong Kong.

* Note after procedure: Your sperm count should be checked after 3 months to make sure that you are sterile. During this time you need to use some form of birth control.

* The operation takes about an hour, and the patient has to follow up within one week to check the surgical wound. The patient will be able to walk after the operation and can work as well as travel back in a few days if there is no complication. There may be some pain, but this can be relieved by painkillers.

* The estimated costs of vasectomy start from 52,500 Baht (outpatient basis). This does not include doctor consultation (around 500-2000 Baht), and any antibiotic medicines post surgery.

If coming from out of town, it’s recommended to make an appointment a few days before you wish to have the surgery to meet the doctor and generally get comfortable with the whole experience you’re about to have.

Couple the procedure with a full medical workup while you’re down there. It’s fast, efficient, thorough, professional, and extremely cheap! There is a counter at the Bangkok airport that can help arrange for transportation, accommodation, and answer any questions you may have.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Bumrungrad International is a luxurious private hospital in downtown Bangkok and was the first hospital to receive JCI accreditation in Asia.

Who It's Perfect For:

Men who are looking for a reliable and top-notch hospital where they can easily make the necessary arrangements online.

What Else:​

At Bumrungrad, you can expect a host of language interpreters, comfortable lodgings and they can also arrange your travel and visa services.

Additional Info:​

Bumrungrad International Hospital - Men Center

Bumrungrad International Clinic (BIC) Building, 16thfloor, Station B

Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

+66 2011 2222,

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