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The Top Ten Schools in Bangkok For Your Pre-School Children

Top preschools in Bangkok Little Steps Asia

Bangkok is a city of contrasts and contradictions and boasts a complex and multi-layered personality. Nicknamed the City of Angels, the city is vast and furiously fast-paced. It is the perfect juxtaposition between modern mega-malls and crumbling historical shophouses in now swallowed-up villages. Gold-spired temples share bustling streets with seemingly neverending traffic jams, the MRT, and long-tail boats that flit up and down the canals and riverways. The streets are lined with delicious street food carts and are overlooked by lavish skyscraper hotels. As Bangkok gets more modern, the diversity is set to widen.

Bangkok assaults your senses in a good way. The country’s culture is underpinned by tradition, a sense of fun, and always a smile. Whatever you do in this vibrant city, there is always a sense of playfulness. Bangkok has many world-class schools that offer various acclaimed curriculums. Little Steps Asia has sourced ten of the top-rated schools for you to consider for your children if you are contemplating a move. There are ample nurseries, kindergartens, and preschools that will introduce your children to a world of exploration, play and learning. They’ll make new friends, explore new cultures and start their journey and a love of learning.

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  • Amnuay Silpa top preschools in Bangkok Little Steps Asia

    AMNUAY SILPA: Bilingual Thinking Preschool And Kindergarten In Bangkok *UK Key-Stage 1 and the Primary Thai curriculums

    The First Thinking School In Asia

    Amnuay Silpa is one of the leading bilingual schools in Thailand and the first thinking school in Asia. The school blends its impressive history with progressive approaches. While the school has high expectations of each student, they ensure that the school community is happy and valued. The foundation phase of the school is where your child's education begins with the uniquely Thai and English curriculum. Amnuay Silpa recognizes that the world is rapidly changing in terms of global opportunities, communication, and technology; their educational approach reflects this change and prepares students for an unpredictable future. Teachers are preparing them for jobs that are not yet created with technology that is not yet invented to solve problems that don't yet exist. The foundation years cover UK Key-Stage 1 and the Primary Thai curriculums. Together with the regular curriculum, the after-school program helps students evolve into responsible, globally-minded individuals.

    Amnuay Silpa, 304/1 Sri Ayutthaya Road, Thung Phaya Thai Subdistrict, Ratchathewi District, Bangkok, +66 2 354 5267,,

  • NIST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: International School In Bangkok Offering Primary Years Program

    Inspires Growth And Enriches Lives

    NIST inspires growth, empowers individual excellence, and enriches lives. The international school represents over 60 nationalities. Its children learn to live and work in communities that encompass various backgrounds, abilities, and beliefs. The school strives to provide an environment where children can experience diversity and value difference. It allows them to engage with each other and the outside world and develop skills to become successful global citizens. The teachers and students are passionate about making a positive impact; they understand that children are natural risk-takers, bold explorers who question, experiment, and create. The Primary Years Programme at NIST takes advantage of this, encouraging children to develop an independent love of learning.

    NIST International School has a dedicated purpose-built early years center. The campus includes a creative arts building, a sports complex, and several multi-purpose halls. There is an expansive theatre, performance and recording studios, sports courts, FIFA-standard pitch, library, science laboratories, counseling, and technology centers.

    NIST International School, 36 Sukhumvit Soi 15, Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok, +66 2 017 5888,,

  • St Andrews International Primary School top preschools in Bangkok Little Steps Asia

    ST ANDREWS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BANGKOK: International School In Bangkok *British Preschool Education

    Celebrating Culture And Diversity

    St Andrews International School Bangkok supports all students regardless of their academic abilities creating a stimulating learning environment. The school encourages opportunities through international and local cultural celebrations and festivals, sports, arts, music, and theatrical events. The Early Years Foundation Stage offers the best contemporary British and international preschool educational practices to ensure every child has the best start in life.

    Teachers strive to provide an inclusive international education in a safe, happy, supportive, and stimulating environment. All the individual learner's needs are met. The exceptional learning environment gives young children the foundation to achieve their utmost and become responsible global citizens. The grounds have extensive sporting facilities, including gymnasiums with basketball, volleyball, badminton facilities, football pitches, swimming pools, and a fitness and yoga center.

    St Andrews International Primary School Bangkok, 9 Pridi Banomyong 20/1, Sukhumvit 71, Watthana, Bangkok, +66 2 3812387,,

  • Heathfield International School prescools in Bangkok Little Steps Asia

    HEATHFIELD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: International School In Bangkok Offering Nursery, Kindergarten *English National Curriculum

    British Roots

    Starting at nursery level, Heathfield International School follows the English national curriculum. The school uses various teaching methods and resources to cater to all learning styles. The international day school encourages the development of each student by providing them with a traditional 'British' education in an international setting. The British teachers work closely with parents to ensure they are involved with their children's education and play an essential role in the school community and its continued development. They believe that learning is a continuous lifelong process and is critical in shaping your child’s future. Heathfield International School offers exemplary personalized teaching within a warm and caring environment. Heathfield is ideal for discerning parents seeking a small, community school that follows in the footsteps of the longstanding and reputable independent school based in the United Kingdom.

    Heathfield International School, 6 Ramkhamhaeng Soi 132/1 Road, Ratpattana, Bangkok, +66 2 372 2679,,

  • Ekamai International School top prescools in Bangkok Little Steps Asia

    EKAMAI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: International School In Bangkok Offering Early Years *Montessori Curriculum

    Five Learning Areas

    Ekamai International School (EIS) is a private, non-profit, co-educational Christian school founded and operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Mission in Thailand. It was first established in 1946 as a church school at Phyathai Road and moved to its present location in 1957. EIS serves over 30 nationalities, and English is the language of instruction; the school and parents support the various religious backgrounds. As a Seventh-day Adventist Christian International School, EIS emphasizes the role of spiritual values in the personal lives of its students. They pride themselves on good conduct, character development, and teacher concern for students.

    The Montessori program provides students with the principle that each child is individual and should learn accordingly. The EIS Montessori teachers guide your child’s progress at their own pace. The teachers believe that children have high sensory perceptions and provide them with the appropriate tools to promote learning. There are five learning areas in the classrooms; practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language, social studies, and science.

    Ekamai International School, 57 Ekamai 12 (Soi Charoenjai), Sukhumvit 63 Klongton Nua, Vadhana, Bangkok, +66 2 391 3593,,

  • Verso International School top preschools in Bangkok Little Steps Asia

    VERSO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: International School In Bangkok Offering Early Years

    Little Explorers

    Verso International School engages their early years learners with projects and activities, igniting curiosity and encouraging them to seek answers to a wide range of questions. Teachers meaningfully connect learning across various disciplines to help children develop a strong foundation of academic skills such as mathematical thinking, reading, writing, and independence. Lower year children are encouraged to play and make intuitive, inquisitive choices to develop at their natural pace. They understand the interconnectedness of sensory and physical development to every individual's cognitive, social, and emotional growth. They will learn to apply and connect their learning to the world around them in meaningful ways. As the children progress through grades one to four, their self-confidence will grow. They will feel empowered to make independent choices and build resilience. Verso International School approaches learning through exploring, researching, and creating projects that address real-world challenges and issues.

    Verso Interntional School, 198, Moo 4, Soi Sarasetthasiri, Suvarnabhumi 3 Road, Bangchalong, Bang Plee, Samut Prakan, Bangkok, +66 2 080 6200,,

  • British Columbia International School top preschools in Bangkok Little Steps Asia

    BRITISH COLUMBIA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL: International School In Bangkok Offering Early Years Framework


    British Columbia International School kindergarten classes utilize the British Columbia Early Learning Framework. In this curriculum, children are engaged to make meaning of their world and share their perceptions. The play-based learning encourages children to make sense of their ideas and theories and develop their understanding of the world. Children are innately curious and naturally explore and ask questions. The teachers create a healthy culture of inquiry which enhances their learning environment.

    British Columbia International School is currently redesigning its curriculum to respond to the demanding world their students are entering, including core competencies such as intellect, personal, social, and emotional so that they can develop a love of lifelong learning. The school is a small Canadian international school offering the British Columbia curriculum; it’s one of 40 such schools globally. Their goals are to empower students to think critically and create and innovate in a happy, caring, and supportive environment to become citizens of tomorrow.

    British Columbia International School Bangkok, 606 Kanlapaphruek Rd, Bangwa, Phasi Charoen, Bangkok, +66 2 802 1188,,

  • Shrewsbury International School top preschools Bangkok Little Steps Asia

    SHREWSBURY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BANGKOK: International School In Bangkok Offering Early Years For Kids Ages 2+ *English National Curriculum

    Take The Lead

    Shrewsbury International School Bangkok is a purpose-built international day school for children from two years. SISB follows the English national curriculum based on the holistic development of each child, ensuring that they are happy and prosperous. The impressive facilities and supportive teaching approach are designed for young children to establish appropriate learning that prepares them for academia in a few years. The teachers provide children with carefully chosen play experiences that nurture their skills and learning by allowing them to take the lead. SISB strives to promote a positive environment among parents and the community. The early year's program plants the seeds for a life-long love for learning. It establishes the foundations for successful education in primary school and beyond. The school understands that every child is unique and has their own interests, skills, and needs. They are encouraged to form positive relationships and play in indoor and outdoor environments.

    Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, 982 Rim Klong Samsen Road (Rama 9), Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok, +66 2 203 1222,,

  • Harrow International School top preschools in Bangkok Little Steps Asia

    HARROW INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BANGKOK: International School In Bangkok Offering Preschool And Kindergarten *British

    450 Years Of History

    Harrow International School believes that formative education is fundamental to success in life. The school strives to provide positive memories and help build lasting relationships. The early years center allows your children to begin their educational journey in a dedicated building on the main campus. Young students engage in a play-based curriculum where they learn through engaging and meaningful experiences. Each child is treated as an individual and is encouraged to develop their talents and abilities.

    The Harrow name is synonymous with quality. The school blends 450 years of Harrow’s high academic standards, traditions, and service to the community with innovative educational methods in a vibrant Thai setting. Teachers believe that a happy child will be a successful child. Education at Harrow Bangkok is inspiring, culturally rich, aspirational, life-enhancing, and fun.

    Harrow International School Bangkok, 45 Soi Kosumruamchai 14 Kosumruamchai Road, Don Mueang District, Bangkok, +66 2 503 7222,,

  • Regent International School top preschools in Bangkok Little Steps Asia

    REGENT'S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BANGKOK: International School In Bangkok Offering nglish Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS)

    Happy And Confident Children

    Children love to learn by being active and through creative thinking. Regent's International School is an English national curriculum school offering excellent education for children from around the world from two years and older. The school believes that creative learning is key to your child’s healthy development and encourages teaching through active play. The early year's teachers are native English speakers and follow the English Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). They observe each child’s progress and work hard to ensure that all children will have relevant language, literacy, and personal development skills by the end of their foundation stage and their transition into primary school.

    The learning is designed around three prime areas; communication and language, physical development, personal, social, and emotional development, and four specific skills areas; literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, expressive arts, and design. Regent’s International School is a welcoming, happy, caring school where eager young minds are encouraged to approach life with a sense of confidence, curiosity, and happiness.

    Regent’s International School Bangkok, 601/99 Pracha Uthit Road, Khwaeng Wang Thonglang, Khet Wang Thonglang, Bangkok, +66 2 957 5777,,

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