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Cruise With Cartoon Network Wave

Cartoon Network Wave

Ever wonder whether and where the Powerpuff Girls, Ben, Grizzly, Panda, Ice Bear and the other Cartoon Network folks vacation? It seems that they have it good because, in late 2018, they will set sail on a cruise from Singapore to Malaysia, Thailand, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Australia and Japan, among others, for the very first time. Oceanic group and Turner joined forces to bring Cartoon Network characters to life and build a unifying, all-inclusive, fully-themed floating universe around them.

The Cartoon Network Wave is the world’s first Cartoon Network-themed cruise and offers a stunning combination of sheer playfulness (it’s not a ship, it’s just Jake the Dog doing his thing) and unrivalled luxury (world’s first ever cruise ship triplex suites!). It comprises of 800 fully-themed cabins for the 2000 Cartoon Network fans to get their adventure sleep in before venturing onto 11-decks-worth of party, play, learning, food, drink, family and shopping areas. Immerse yourself in the stories of characters that your kids are growing up with, let your kids reach out to them and see what they have to offer off-screen. Your family couldn’t be in better hands. These guys saved the day too many times to count!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Nothing beats looking out over the ocean to the horizon and then going to eat burgers at Johnny Bravo’s Place. Duh!

Who It's Perfect For:

Families with children and Cartoon Network fans of all ages. Perfect.

What Else:​

The starting price is US$150 per night. Online bookings start later in the year, so keep yourself updated by checking the Cartoon Network Wave website.

Additional Info:​

Cartoon Network Wave

456 Alexandra Road. #15-02 Singapore 119962

+65 6250 0505

[email protected]

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