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Unique Gifts At Barefoot Toys In Singapore

Open-Ended, Quality Toys For Everyday Adventures


Just launched this year, Barefoot Toys is the creation of two stay-at-home moms, Edeline & Yuan, out of love for their kids and a passion for play. They’ve witnessed first-hand on how following their children’s interests and providing them with quality open-ended toys have sparked tremendous joy, learning, and hours of fun!

An open-ended toy works like an open-ended question as it invites the child to have their own take on how it can be played with and create their own story. Needless to say, these toys are powered by a child’s imagination, creativity, personal experiences, and personality. Kids at different ages play with the same toy differently so investing in one quality open-ended toy is indeed value for money! The spontaneity of open-ended toys naturally draws the entire family together, playing, crafting stories, and simultaneously creating precious memories.

Products at Barefoot Toys are chosen based on quality, value, and design. Practicality also plays a part in product selection. What makes Barefoot Toys stand out amongst other online toy stores is that their products are thoughtfully curated to ensure that play is accessible and meaningful to all. Not only are these toys of top quality, but are also easy on the pocket. Playmags magnetic tiles were the first to be brought into the online store and were a hit!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

We love their thoughtfully curated selection of open-ended toys, which open up play to endless possibilities!

Who It's Perfect For:

Little ones from newborn to 6 years.

What Else:​

Check out the Rainbow Pebbles Activity Set! Who would thought that these brightly-colored pebbles can bring so much joy for the littlies? Made of durable plastic, the set also comes with 24 activities that invite kids to sort, match and stack - perfect for engaging them in quiet, independent play.

Additional Info:​

Barefoot Toys


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