Unwrap Joy Responsibly: A Guide To An Eco-Friendly Christmas Season In Singapore

Zero Waste Decor + Gifts + Party Ware & More!

Zero Waste Christmas In Singapore

Christmas season means it’s that time of the year again – lavish parties, gift giving… you know the drill. But with the massive campaign and increasing importance of of zero waste in Singapore, it’s also important to be mindful of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and the impact that we have on Mother Earth.

Let’s make the effort to ensure this Christmas is an extra meaningful one for the whole family, by taking steps toward protecting our environment. Read on for some ways to make your Christmas season an eco-friendly one!

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  • Christmas Trees

    CHRISTMAS TREES: Artificial, Reusable Trees *Zero Waste Christmas Guide To Singapore

    Sparkle Up Your Home Ethically

    What better way to start your eco-friendly journey than by purchasing a tree that you can reuse and decorate differently year after year? Opt for artificial beauties instead of live trees, such as this wooden one from Inside Living Singapore, or as an alternative, you can check out Spotlight for a variety of different choices too.

    Inside Living,

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    • Spotlight – Variety of options
    • Christmas Tree Singapore - Artificial Christmas trees
    • Vanda Win - A wide variety of different types of Christmas trees
    • IKEA - Artificial Christmas trees of different sizes
    • Etsy - A wide selection of artificial Christmas trees
  • Tree Planting Singapore

    HELP PLANT TREES: One Tree Planted *Zero Waste Christmas Guide To Singapore

    Reforestation Done RIght

    With every Christmas tree, why not give back to the environment by planting a a tree back? If you're thinking of reforestation initiatives to join during the season of giving, consider Garden City Fund’s Plant A Tree Programme which is an initiative that plans to plant 1 million trees in Singapore until 2030.

    Garden City Fund,

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  • DIY Christmas Decorations

    DIY CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: Christmas Wreaths *Zero Waste Christmas Guide To Singapore

    Get Creative At Home!

    Not only are DIY decors fun when you get all the kids in on making them, they are highly effective in reducing our carbon footprint during the festive season. Instead of buying a Christmas wreath for your door to greet guests, make your very own wreath by creatively interweaving twin, leaves and ribbons together. These materials are easily found at shops like Daiso and Spotlight!

    DIY Christmas Wreath,

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  • Sustainable Cutlery

    PARTYWARE: Sustainable, Disposable Cutlery *Zero Waste Christmas Guide To Singapore

    Eco-Friendly Party Goods

    ‘Tis the season for Christmas feasts and tons of parties, but you can still do your part for the environment by choosing partyware made from renewable, sustainable, and even upcycled materials. Check out Eco U, a local online store that sells birch cutlery that aren't treated with any chemicals. These products are also compostable in 90 days. Who says you have to forgo elegance when choosing eco-friendly products?

    Eco U,

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  • Gift Wrapping

    GIFT WRAPPING: Wrappily *Zero Waste Christmas Guide To Singapore

    Wrapped With Love

    Being eco-friendly with gift wrapping doesn't mean you're limited to just recycled magazines and newspapers. Brands like Wrappily makes use of 100% recyclable and compostable newsprints by printing colourful patterns on them, giving them new life. By using their wrapping paper for your Christmas gifts, you can be eco-friendly without compromising the aesthetics of your gift wrapping!


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    • Little Omo - Wrapping made from recycled paper
    • Etsy - A huge selection of recycled wrapping
    • Muji – Eco-friendly gift wrapping service
  • Local Gifts

    LOOK FOR LOCAL GIFTS: Various Local Stores *Zero Waste Christmas Guide To Singapore


    Shopping from overseas websites is fun and all, but shipping contributes to carbon emissions and global warming. Instead, why not shop for local goods from homegrown brands – not only will you be supporting local, but you will also be more sustainable and eco-friendly this Christmas. One popular brand that advocates for this is The Paper Bunny, which has eco-friendly stationery, fashion bags and reusable carriers.

    The Paper Bunny,

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  • Reusable Bags

    STOP USING PLASTIC BAGS: Baggu *Zero Waste Christmas Guide To Singapore

    Reusable Bags > Plastic Bags

    You should know by now that plastic bags are frowned upon in society, and reusable bags are the way to go! Bring along a bunch of these when you're Christmas shopping so you can do your part for Mother Earth. One good example is BAGGU bags, available from Actually, a local store. The bags feature pretty patterns and will be an absolute joy for all members of the family to use and carry around during Christmas shopping.


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    Rally Rally - sustainable bags
    MUJI - Reusable cotton and jute bags
    IKEA - Reusable carrier bags
    ECOBAGS - A large variety of reusable bags
    Cotton On - Proceeds from reusable shopping bag sales are contributed towards the Cotton On Foundation

  • Christmas Feasts

    CHRISTMAS FEASTS: Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa *Zero Waste Christmas Guide To Singapore

    Plant-Based Christmas Meals

    Have your Christmas feast this season in style while still giving back to the environment, by opting for a plant-based celebration at Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa. Available throughout December except December 24 and 25, 2023, the spread will include dishes like celeriac ‘mille-feuille’ ($22), a vegetable dish served with vegan truffle beurre blanc sauce, and a vegan mini white chocolate and raspberry log cake ($20). There’s even organic wines to complete the meal!

    Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa,

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  • Beach Clean Ups

    ECO FAMILY OUTINGS: Beach Clean Ups *Zero Waste Christmas Guide To Singapore

    Give Back To Mother Nature

    Embark on a beach cleaning quest with the fam during the holidays! You'll not only keep our beaches pristine but also give back to the environment. Every day, tons of trash get washed up on our shores which our contract cleaners have to tirelessly bag up before more appears the next day. Do your part by joining clean-up initiatives by organizations such as Green Nudge, or head straight to the beach to clean up some trash by yourselves.

    Green Nudge,

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  • Sustainable Fashion

    DRESS CONSCIOUSLY: Nost *Zero Waste Christmas Guide To Singapore

    Wear Sustainable Fashion

    Christmas gatherings means visiting friends and family’s homes, so it’s best to get cozy with what you wear too. To look stylish yet be sustainable, consider Nost’s artisanal loungewear that are all made using GOTS certified organic cotton and natural plant-based dyes. Look good, feel good and do good this Christmas!


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    • Wray Crafted - Local and sustainable brand
    • Sui - Sustainable clothing and recycled fabrics
    • Esse - Sustainable apparel and organic cotton
    • August Society - Sustainable swimwear for the whole family

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