PRODUCT REVIEW: Discover The Nomi® Chair By Stokke®

The Versatile Chair You Need For Your Family & Home

stokke nomi chair singapore

Stokke is always at the forefront of innovation when it comes to kids’ furniture and products, and their newest chair design, the Nomi® is no different – it’s a “chair that caters to life”. Befitting their range of sustainable products built to last a lifetime, the Nomi® was designed by Peter Opsvik, the same designer behind Stokke’s® ever-so-popular Tripp Trapp® chair. One difference between the two is that the Nomi® chair is purposefully designed to encourage active sitting, offering a comfortable seat for every age.

You can find the Nomi® Chair at motherswork and mothercare!

Winner of the European Commission’s Product Safety Silver Award 2019, the Stokke® Nomi® Chair is easily assembled without the use of tools and can be adjusted to a child’s age or adult life also without the use of tools. Its easy assembly makes it a versatile fixture around the dining room table for everyone. And keeping with the Stokke® aesthetic, the Nomi® blends in seamlessly and beautifully with any household decor. The chair has a newborn and baby set which is easily switched out depending on the child’s age.

From the newborn stage to the adult one, the Nomi® will cater to all your needs from eating, playing, studying and so much more. Read on to discover the incredible versatility of the Nomi® chair.


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    Why We Love The Stokke® Nomi® Chair

    A Chair To Grow With The Child

    There are many reasons why we tried, tested and loved the Stokke® Nomi® chair! Our expert product testers, Bill (22 months), Sofie (26 months) and Lior (22 months) gave it their seal of approval too!

    Bill (pictured), had a go sitting down on the Nomi® chair around the dinner table with his parents. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the chair, Bill's feet were resting comfortably and appropriately on the footrest, ensuring good posture. A feature that did not go unnoticed by Bill's parents!

    Sofie meanwhile is starting to transition to the next stage of the Nomi® chair - without the baby set. She definitely enjoyed the sense of independence the chair gave her. This is one of the many pioneering features of Stokke's® highchairs - their design allows the child to feel engaged and empowered around the dining table, due to the chair's height and other features. Indeed, Lior was so happy to sit around the dining table with her family and friends! The chair's sleek design and feel make it very easy to clean too. Feedback from other parents mentioned that they loved the grow-for-life feature of the Nomi®, meaning they would not need to buy another highchair, or another chair for studying or other tasks for that matter.

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    Who It's Perfect For

    The Perfect Chair From Birth To Adulthood

    The Stokke® Nomi® Chair is perfect from birth to adulthood. With its easily adjustable design, it makes for a safe and comfortable eating position for the child encouraging active sitting, good posture, and an extra chair option when having adult dinner parties! It's also perfect for larger families as it's easily adjustable depending on a child's height, age, and needs! It could be a highchair at mealtimes and a chair for studying in the afternoon!

    Much like Stokke's® other products, the Nomi® comes in a variety of colors and finishes, allowing it to perfectly match your home and your needs!

  • stokke nomi chair singapore

    How To Use This Product

    Perfect For Mealtimes, Studying & Sitting Comfortably

    The chair is perfect for bringing the family together around the dining table to interact, play, or for mealtime encouraging connection and conversation. The newborn set is easily attached and the chair can be easily moved around the house to keep the baby close. Weighing in at only 4.68kg, it is light (and sturdy) and can be easily moved from one room to another. It can even hang on the edge of the table so you can swiftly clean up any mess underneath!

    The angle of the chair can also be easily adjusted to your baby's needs and the chair is flexible enough to give a little when the baby bounces, mimicking a bouncy chair! The baby attachment clicks into place with three movements making it simple and stress-free to accommodate lots of little friends when you have a playdate at home.

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