Leia & Lauren

Sisters, Twins & Fashionistas


Leia and Lauren have taken Instagram by storm. They have amassed a cult following of over 320,000 followers. Their parents Peter and Amber created Leia & Lauren, an online children’s clothing store, shortly after their birth in 2016.

Inspired by their twin girls and travels around the world, their collection of clothes has been carefully curated and beautifully designed. Their collection echoes Leia & Lauren’s childlike innocence with a dash of quirky, adventure, and lightheartedness.

Every design that you see is a limited edition and a labor of their passion and love. If you’re looking for something unique, that’s quality and comfortable for your little one, then Leia & Lauren is the shop to go to.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Cute, one-of-a-kind clothes that are perfect for twins or solo kids.

Who It's Perfect For:

Cool kids who like a funky pattern or two.

What Else:​

They have really cute sets if you’re looking for a gift.

Additional Info:​

Leia & Lauren,

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