Bove Anti-Mosquito Maternity Wear In Singapore

Safe For Mom & Bub

Bove Singapore Maternity Wear

Stay mozzie free and fashionable with Bove’s new collection of Mozzie Defence bamboo maternity and nursing wear! Their new styles of tops and dresses, are chic for any day out and designed to repel mozzies. No more nasty bug spray!

This November, they are launching a new collection of Mosquito Defence Apparel that not only repels but kills. Created with HHL Technology Vital Protection™, the leading anti-insect technology that can safeguard users from dangerous mosquitoes and other parasitic insects. Enjoy the ease of moving indoors or outdoors with added peace of mind!

Benefits of Bove’s Anti-Mozzie Clothing:

*Anti-mosquito textiles infused with safe and unique treatment using Permethrin, which actually kills mosquitoes unlike Deet and others which only repel.

*Repels and Kills not just mosquitoes but fleas, bed bugs, ticks, midges and sand flies.

*Treatment used on clothing also inhibits bacteria growth.

*Our fabric treated with Vital Protection™ can last for 20 washes or up to 6 months is better than a spray on solution which only lasts for 6 hours.

*Safe for pregnant mothers and children above 2 years’ old

*A worry-free way to avoid getting harmful bug sprays on your skin or inhaling such fumes.

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Beautiful, breathable clothing that just happens to repel mosquitoes! Great for mamas and kids!

Who It's Perfect For:

Mamas who don’t want to put more chemicals and bad smelling mozzie spray on themselves.

What Else:​

As this is a new collection, they are doing a pre-order for you to be the first to own this. Be sure to reserve early! As stock runs out quickly once they hit their stores in November.

Additional Info:​


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