Eco-Friendly Birthday Ideas And Decor In Singapore

Celebrate while giving back to the environment!


Throwing a birthday party is heap loads of fun no doubt. But from the plastic utensils to the sweet treats, it can also be an unhealthy and environmentally harmful affair. There’s no need for all that when there are plenty eco-friendly ideas to make your next birthday bash an organic and green one. Here are options you can consider for the future.

  • eco-friendly-cake


    What’s a birthday party without a birthday cake? Instead of getting rich, decadent layered cakes to feed your guests’ sweet tooth, opt for organic cakes that still get the job done. Not only will they make for a healthier option for you and your partygoers with no such thing as artificial flavoring and additives, but you can also custom make vegan and allergy-free options.

    Bunny Bakery – nuts and oats for healthier cakes.
    Oh My Goodness! – gluten and dairy free, with high protein cakes
    25gramsbakery – Egg and dairy free cupcake options
    The Whole Kitchen – specialize in granola-baked goods

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  • FOOD

    When it comes to feeding your guests at a birthday party, a catered buffet is the usual go-to solution for convenience’s sake. Instead of greasy, processed foods that go bad after a few hours, organic alternatives should be on your radar. There are plenty of catering services in Singapore that offer healthier options that include organically grown food and vegan dishes. And they don’t have to be boring either. Organic and vegan food can come in the form of pizzas, ice cream and even Japanese bento boxes too! Plus, if you’re catering for kids, organic food will also be better for their digestion and provide them with a burst of stamina to keep them active throughout the day.

    Ronnie Kitchen’s Vegetarian Catering Service – choose from 7, 8 or 10 courses
    Brownice Italian Vegan Kitchen –ice cream made from brown rice milk
    Nara Thai Cuisine’s Vegetarian Catering – customizable menu with no mock meat
    Grain – new highlight dish every month
    Kitchen by Food Rebel – mini buffets for smaller groups
    Unpackt – organic ingredients and eco-friendly concept store

  • Eco-friendly-venue-open-farm-community


    If you want to bring the party outdoors while still maintaining eco-friendliness, you can do so at plenty of venues in Singapore. Eating clean is one way to celebrate guilt-free dining, and an easy way to do this is to opt for vegan options like VeganBurg. Even if the birthday boy or girl doesn’t want an all-vegetable course, you can also advocate for sustainability in other ways, like throwing the bash at restaurants that use metal or paper utensils, biodegradable packaging, ethically prepared meat and organically grown produce!

    Open Farm Community – includes a vegetable garden and a playground
    Pink Fish – salmon burgers and poke bowls with biodegradable packaging
    VeganBurg – vegan and delicious plant-based fast food
    Wild Honey – popular café that uses paper straws
    Jamie’s Italian – ethically farmed poultry and naturally grown herbs used in dishes

  • eco-friendly-party-supplies


    When throwing a party, we tend to opt for ease and convenience. But this usually comes at a price of contributing to wastage and utilizing single-use plastic. Instead of relying on store-bought plastic decoration and supplies, explore DIY projects or alternative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle! Get utensils made from corn starch instead of plastic and decoration made from recycled paper. As an alternative, you can cut up newspapers and magazine pages for substitute for confetti, craft a piñata for the kids by yourself, and even make party hats from felt paper instead. Not only will you be doing your part for the environment, but you’ll still be having the same amount of fun!

    Ecou – wooden cutlery and party packs
    Biogreen – biodegradable charcoal, tableware and garbage bags
    The First Green Store – eco-friendly invitation cards and gift bags
    Wasara – quirky shaped utensils made from bamboo

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  • Party-Favors


    Instead of handing out door gifts like balloons to your party guests that end up being harmful to marine life, there are more sustainable and unique options that will help the environment instead. If you’re having a celebration with kids, you can consider party favors like mini plants, wooden toys and even DIY slime. To initiate the green thumb in your guests, you can even give them seeds to grow a plant and contribute back to earth in the long run!

    The Green Party – eco-friendly knick-knacks from essential oils to keychains
    Tweet Paperie – customised bags

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