10 New Skills To Learn Online Right Now

Top Online Classes For Kids And Families

With families across the globe hunkering down, now it’s the perfect time to get into something new or finally deciding to hone that ONE skill you never got around learning! This Little Steps’ guide will give you the coolest roundup of talents you and the kiddos can develop ‘from the comfort of your living room!’ This wide variety of fun activities will ignite some cool ideas that may even become lifelong hobbies or professions, who knows!? Snap, sing, dance, create, stretch, and…go!

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  • Photography: Pro Online Classes From Nikon's Brand Ambassadors

    Calling budding creatives and visual storytellers! There's nothing too big or too small if you look at the world from the lens of curiosity. Nikon Online School is offering online classes at zero cost, so better dust off your digital camera, and start honing your photo skills! Learn how to shoot videos, take pics of the little ones and their furry friends, get out of automatic mode, and even make a music video - rad! Access the insights of the absolute pros, just by signing up!

    Nikon, +1 800 645 6687, Contact herewww.nikonusa.comFacebookInstagram

  • Gardening: Create Your Own Slice Of Nature

    You may not be able to head to the great outdoors with the crew right now, so why not create your own 'patch of green' at home!? Udemy, the leading e-learning platform, has precisely 32 gardening courses covering topics from growing veggies to building raised beds, starting indoor seedlings, and much, much more! Take a look with the little ones and see what 'seeds' your interest. Gardening is such a lovely and useful skill to know! Sourcing your own food, or just seeing a wee seedling grow can be deeply rewarding. Courses start at $19.99, but the platform is constantly launching limited time offers so stay tuned!

    Udemy, Contact herewww.udemy.comFacebookInstagram

  • Dancing: Master Your Groovy Moves

    Level up your dancing game with Steezy! This fresh and young e-learning platform is such an amazing resource to sharpen your moves! Check out their classes starting at beginner's level, and moving up to reach over-the-top urban dance skills. Steezy has over 600 classes perfect for teens stuck at home in need to burn some calories -and learn something cool! But don't be confused, adults should definitely join too. Who knows? You may end up freestyling like you mean it, in a snap! Register online and create your account, enter the studio's free classes, or get your all-access pass! The great thing about dancing hip hop is that no gear is needed, just sweatpants!

    Steezy, +1 213-394-8803, Contact herewww.steezy.coFacebookInstagram

  • Crafts: From Hand Sew Animal Puppets To Teepes For Kids

    There's such an overwhelming array of options for learning crafts that it can be hard to find courses created just for kids! Luckily, the folks at Creativebug have over 100 classes designed exclusively for the little ones! Ideal for children 5 years and up, on the website you'll find a slew of DIY goodies like masks, costumes, knotted necklaces, and more! Sign up for a free trial, and if the kiddos' can't stop creating, upgrade to their monthly or annual plans! If you want to keep the artsy juices flowing, follow the Creativebug's daily practice series. Time to get messy!

    CreativeBug, [email protected], www.creativebug.comFacebookInstagram

  • Singing: Learning To Sing With Confidence

    Singing can be so much fun! Whether you are looking to upgrade the family karaoke night, start a band with the crew, or work on your beautiful high-pitches, there's something for everyone! 30 Day Singer is an online program promising great progress, even for those who always saw themselves as 'tone-deaf.' Start a 14-day free trial, and if you like what you are hearing, take on their monthly or annual plans! If you and the teens prefer live lessons, then try the Take Lessons Live platform, where you get to interact with your tutors and class peers! Take Lessons Live also offers 14-day free trials and an affordable monthly subscription. Kids and teens welcome!

    30 Day Singer, [email protected]www.30daysinger.comFacebook

  • Yoga: Fun Themed Yoga Classes For Modern Little Yogis

    Discover our solar system, hang out with dinosaurs, and prep for a good night's sleep, all on GAIA Kids' Yoga section! It's never too early or too late to start learning Yoga. With countless benefits, Yoga nurtures, empowers, and teaches life skills at the highest level. GAIA is sort of a Netflix for the soul curious. The platform is packed with videos on a wide range of topics, including mindset, nutrition, meditation, sustainability a whole lot more! You can access GAIA's 7-day free trial signing up with your email, and then purchase their plans. For absolutely free Yoga classes for kids, follow Cosmic Kids Yoga channel!

    GAIA, Contact herewww.gaia.comFacebookInstagram

  • Meditation: Enjoy A More Relaxed, Healthy And Balanced Life

    Many people surely find it difficult to meditate! But hey! Just like everything in life, delving into meditation requires patience, and resources to guide you. Just like Yoga, meditation is a powerful practice that can bring you joy, mind-space, and relaxation. It may seem nearly impossible to get into it with modern packed agendas, but even carving a couple of minutes a day to meditate can have a huge impact in your life and this goes for your kids too! So if you want to give it a go, join Online Meditation, a platform offering absolutely free courses!

    Online Meditation, Contact herewww.onlinemeditation.orgFacebook

  • Cooking: Learning Lifelong Essentials Skills

    The great thing about learning to cook is that, whether you like it or not, everyone needs to eat! So learning a skill that's actually essential for everyday life it's such a fun and useful way to bond with your family! In this Little Steps' guide to the top resources for learning how to cook online, you'll find the best platforms featuring classes for peeps all ages, and levels of skill!

  • Coding: For Tech-Loving Kiddos

    It's no secret that coding is one of the professions youngsters will get into more and more in the near future -it's already happening! So why not give your kiddo a fresh and early start with fun online coding courses. As kids learn to code, they also learn to solve problems, create apps, control robots, and hone STEM skills. Tynker is a leading website focusing solely on teaching kids how to code through games and courses suited for each age bracket -starting as early as 5 years old. The site has free games and is now granting free access to premium coding courses while schools are still closed! However, their regular fees are quite affordable, with quarterly, yearly, and lifetime plans!

    Tynker, Contact herewww.tynker.comFacebookInstagram

  • Guitar Classes: Easy-To-Follow Lessons For Aspiring Musicians

    Learning to play guitar is such a classic! If you and the little ones feel it's time to take your bonfire -and party skills- to the next level, then online guitar lessons are your jam! Guitar Tricks features a slew of classes for all levels; absolute beginners are welcome! The cool thing is that you can access 24 of their lessons at no cost with the basic membership. Guitar heroes keen to go all-in can opt for the monthly plan! Tune in and strum those chords!

    Guitar Tricks, Contact herewww.guitartricks.com, FacebookInstagram

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