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New Mandarin Center Enhancing Dual Language Learning

Hot off the press! Dulwich College (Singapore) has launched a new Mandarin Centre, enabling their infant (DUCKS) dual language learning program to transition smoothly into the extended Mandarin program in Junior School. Also, make sure to check out their unique Forest School that allows nursery students to learn and thrive outside and in nature!

Dulwich College (Singapore) provides differentiated learning in every classroom. Their learning approach is specially designed to meet the individual needs of all students with a high teacher to student ratio. In Toddlers, there are 4 teachers to 16 students and in Nursery, there are 3 teachers to 16 children. What’s more – all infant classes have a Chinese teacher in the class as part of the teaching team at all times.

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The new center allows the powerful dual language Mandarin program in DUCKS to be extended into Junior School, with daily lessons in a dedicated Mandarin space.

In their DUCKS schools in China and Singapore, dual language learning is a fundamental part of student development. Their approach is based upon a range of recognized theories about how children learn a language. They have been developed through in-depth academic and action research by their leaders and teachers.

The program exposes young learners to English and Mandarin in their natural learning context throughout the day rather than just through formal language opportunities. By providing an environment rich in learning opportunities, with one teacher focusing on English and a second on Mandarin, young children gain the confidence to use language with meaning rather than just through imitation.


DUCKS: Infant Dual Language Program At Dulwich College (Singapore) 

* Innovative in its approach, the dual language program helps young learners master Mandarin and extends into Junior School with daily Mandarin lessons.

* The entire DUCKS program is based on how children learn a language.

* The inputs are derived from the in-depth research by the institute’s teachers and leaders.

* The program exposes the kids to two languages – English and Mandarin throughout the day rather than just teaching them on a few occasions.

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JS Mandarin Program

* Daily Mandarin lessons build upon the excellent foundations of the dual-language approach in DUCKS. The program reflects the importance of Mandarin as a regional and local language.

* Their three language pathways ensure that native speakers of Mandarin and beginners are challenged appropriately.

* Integral to the Junior School curriculum is students’ understanding of both the culture that surrounds the language and the traditions which underpin it, gained through opportunities such as art, music, drama, dance, stories, and the celebration of major festivals.


FOREST SCHOOL – Outdoors with Dulwich College (Singapore) 

* Seeing a child, who on their first session was afraid to sit in the grass for fear of ants, later go searching for local animals in the bushes with an ID kit in hand and a smile on their face is priceless.

* What makes this forest school different from other similar schools is that an accredited Forest School Leader runs it.

* The school makes the best use of the outdoor environment to promote learning. Skills developed include independence, risk identification and management, and individualized problem-solving.

* Safety first! Rest assured, the school is completely safe and takes proper care of your kids while providing an enhanced learning experience to them.

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The new Mandarin center aims to help kids learn Mandarin and English effortlessly.

Who It's Perfect For:

Students who are eager to learn and thrive!

What Else:​

Come visit and learn more. Click here for their Dulwich College Singapore open days and visiting options.

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