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Best Pet Hotels, Kennels, And Boarding Options In Singapore For Dogs And Cats

Daycare Or Boarding For Your Furry Friends!


Pets are truly man’s best friend – whether they’re comforting us when we’re feeling down or playing together with the kiddos. But unfortunately, we can’t bring them everywhere with us, which means going on staycations or holidays will require someone to take over their care for a while. That’s where pet hotels come in! There are plenty in Singapore itself, with several specialized in dogs, cats, or both! The next time you need a safe place to leave your furry friend for a trip, consider these options.

  • Best-Pet-Hotels-In-Singapore-Furmummy

    FURMUMMY: Kennel / Boarding For Dogs Only In Singapore

    Long trips away from your fur kid can be difficult. Furmummy provides a safe haven to pups for even up to 30 days, which will entitle you to 5% off. Room options are either Deluxe or Premium suites, catered to different number of dogs or their sizes. Besides enjoying plenty of playtime at the indoor playground, doggos that stay 6 nights or more even get free bath and brush services!

    Furmummy, 505 Balestier Road, Singapore 329846, +65 9150 7150,

  • Best-Pet-Hotels-In-Singapore-Battlestar-Boarding-Singapore

    BATTLESTAR BOARDING: Kennel / Boarding For Dogs And Cats In Singapore

    Give your pup or kitty a unique stay at Battlestar Boarding. The space-themed pet hotel has 16 kennels and 24 hour CCTV monitoring to ease any separation anxiety. Your pet will also blast off to tons of fun with 2 daily walks, dedicated play time and cooked meals that include options of beef, pork or salmon. After their stay, their experience will also be commemorated with a fun astronaut picture photoshopped with their face for memory keepsake!

    Battlestar Boarding, 56 Sembawang Road, Hong Heng Mansion, #01-05, Singapore 779086, +65 8891 3518,

  • Best-Pet-Hotels-In-Singapore-Dear-Mutt

    DEAR MUTT: Kennel / Boarding For Dogs Only In Singapore

    Dogs can find a temporary home at Dear Mutt. There are 4 room types available, depending on ize and weight of your canine. The best part? They won’t be confined to cages either, since the space is an open concept where doggos can make friends with each other aside from heading out for walks. There’s even aromatherapy to calm their moods! Dogs staying a minimum of 6 nights will also get a free bubble bath.

    Dear Mutt, 17 Venus Drive, Singapore 574304, +65 9222 0190,

  • Best-Pet-Hotels-In-Singapore-The-Wagington

    THE WAGINGTON: Kennel / Boarding For Dogs And Cats In Singapore

    If your pet is king or queen of your household, they’ll fit right in at The Wagington! Considered a 5-star hotel for dogs and cats, the pet hotel has suites with features leather beds, classical music and scratchers for cats to cozy up to. On top of spa and salon services offered as well, there is a free webcam service so you can keep up with your fur kid’s antics throughout their stay.

    The Wagington, 27B Loewen Road, Singapore 248850, +65 6471 1689,

  • Best-Pet-Hotel-In-Singapore-Mutts-And-Mittens

    MUTTS & MITTENS: Kennel / Boarding For Dogs And Cats In Singapore

    Mutts & Mittens has 2 different kinds of rooms for your pet – a single room or a more spacious double room in case you’re dropping off multiple pets. Rooms come with adjustable bowls and there’s even a pool for your pet to take a dip! Charges are according to your pets weight, with stays including quality meals, basic grooming and exercise sessions. By the time you fetch your pet home, they’ll be fitter, healthier and happier!

    Mutts & Mittens, multiple locations, +65 6583 7371,

  • Best-Pet-Hotels-In-Singapore-Sunny-Heights

    SUNNY HEIGHTS: Kennel / Boarding For Dogs And Cats In Singapore

    If your pet loves being in nature, bring them for a stay at Sunny Heights – it’s a pet playground with swimming pools and an outdoor garden for them to roam freely! Cat owners will also be delighted to know that there is a separate safari area for felines to meow and purr to their heart’s content. However, pets will need to be brought in for 4 days of day care before they’ll be allowed to stay overnight.

    Sunny Heights, 110 Turf Club Road, Singapore 288000, +65 6462 3736,

  • Best-Pet-Hotels-In-Singapore-Wanderlodge

    WANDERLODGE: Kennel / Boarding For Dogs And Cats In Singapore

    Both dogs and cats are welcome at Wanderlodge! Both are free to roam as they please in their respective boarding facility which replicates a home setting, or they can also hide out in private suites. Shared rooms will provide everything from climbing posts for cats to learning toys for dogs so they’ll never be bored either. Top their stay off with a training program for them to be better behaved, such as bladder control and leash walking.

    Wanderlodge, Stratton Drive, Singapore 805946, +65 9169 9093,

  • Best-Pet-Hotels-In-Singapore-Catopia

    CATOPIA: Kennel / Boarding For Dogs And Cats In Singapore

    If you want a cats-only zone, check out Catopia. It has plenty of cozy cabins, with prices starting from SG$38 for a minimum of 2 nights. If you have a family of more cats, choose the separate cabins or a sharing cabin so they can be together while you’re away. Climbing and scratching posts, as well as private litter will all be provided for. Transportation services are also available if you need them to help send your beloved felines back to you.

    Catopia, 406B Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427634, +65 9388 8893,

  • Best-Pet-Hotels-In-Singapore-Ginny-And-Friends

    GINNY & FRIENDS: Kennel / Boarding For Dogs Only In Singapore

    For an affordable and fuss-free location, Ginny & Friends is right up your alley. Boarding prices start from $45 and daycare services are also available for $25. You won’t have to worry about your pet’s well-being, since experienced staff members will be present 24/7. All rooms are air-conditioned to provide the most comfort, and there are also exercise and grooming activities to look forward to!

    Ginny & Friends, 9 Thong Soon Avenue, Singapore 787436, +65 6754 3677,

  • Best-Pet-Hotels-In-Singapore-Wheeky-Cavies

    WHEEKY CAVIES: Boarding Kennel For Small Pets Like Bunnies And Hamsters In Singapore

    Besides dogs and cats, smaller pets like bunnies, chinchillas and hamsters may also need care while you’re away. Wheeky Cavies provides accommodation for these furballs, along with customized cabins and clean bedding and feeders. If there is medication required or you wish for a grooming service, you can also let them know and they’ll manage it so you can welcome home your furball sporting a brand new look!

    Wheeky Cavies, Block 185C Woodlands Street 13, Singapore 733185, +65 8205 4199,

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