Want to hang out with your feathered friends? Get up close and personal with thousands of chirpy champions at the world’s largest bird park!

Home to nearly 400 species, Jurong Bird Park’s habitat haven spreads over nearly 50 acres, and is the only bird park in Asia with an avian hospital.  As you waddle into the Park, parading penguins greet you at Penguin Coast, an indoor replica of Antarctica featuring a panoramic glass gallery to view six different species of penguins. Further afield, you’ll find frolicking flamingo, nocturnal birds, perky pelicans, birds of prey and many more. 

Want more birdy business?

*  Explore - Hurry and catch one of the last rides on the air-conditioned monorail (retiring April 1, 2012) or catch the tram and glide over to more avian awesomeness such as Lory Loft, a nine-story birdhouse with over a thousand uncaged lories. Purchase a cup of nectar for S$3 and brace yourself as these colorful buddies land all over you, taking turns to share your sweet treats. Next stop on the monorail awaits the African Waterfall Aviary, the world’s largest walk-in aviary with over 1500 free-flying friends.

*  Get Wet & Wild - Go wet and wild! Early birds can take advantage of the pre-sun scorching hours at recently opened Birdz of Play, a 9,700 square meter wet/dry playground keeping kids entertained between squawk talk. 

*  Showtime - Take in one of Jurong Bird Park’s fabulous live shows such as Birds N Buddies, King of the Skies and Lunch with Parrots to watch and learn about winged creatures’ natural habitats and fun seeking skills. Feed the birds at dedicated feeding times posted outside individual attractions.

*  Learn - Birds of a feather congregate toward The Bird Discovery Centre, a learning hub classroom where they can tackle questions like, “what came first – chicken or egg?”, helping take the pressure off of parents to answer where baby birds really come from.