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Industerior Montessori Wood Products In Kuala Lumpur

Learning Tower + Pikler Triangle + Custom Pieces

Industerior is a locally owned wood-working shop that creates some of the most quality wooden items available in KL. They opened their doors with the intention of creating industrial style furniture, but after numerous requests for kid-friendly pieces, they now specialize in several products suited for children at extremely reasonable rates.

Learning Tower: These little miracle workers are essentially child-safe step stools. A learning tower brings a child to the height of the counter so they can help cook, play, or just be part of the action without fear of them getting hurt. If you have a child that’s your little ‘helper’ in the kitchen, you will not regret buying a learning tower! Industerior has several options to choose from including an IKEA hack.

Pikler Triangle: The Pikler Triangle has been around for about 100 years but has become more popular recently because of its numerous benefits on a child’s development. It is a wooden triangluar climbing frame with rungs on both sides that is meant to help children as young as 6 months old gain confidence, strength and stability at their own pace. There are tons of add-ons available as well, like bridges, slides and the Pikler Cube, all of which can be made by Industerior.

House Bed Frame: House bed frames are all the rage right now and it’s not hard to see why. These adorable bed frames that are shaped like, well, a house, sit directly on the floor making them the perfect transition from crib to bed for your little one. Industerior can create them to your measurement specifications and can be made with or without railings.

Custom Items: Industerior will work with you to create custom pieces; just email them a photo and measurements of what you want!

Why Little Steps Loves It:​

Industerior is a small business that creates extremely quality products that are good for both parent and child.

Who It's Perfect For:

Most of their child-friendly products are geared toward toddlers.

What Else:​

Industerior also creates furniture for the home, such as tables and shelves, and they are absolutely stunning. Take a look at their Instagram for photos.

Where To Find It:​

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