Forest Schools For Kids In Kuala Lumpur

The Approach + List of Schools

Forest School Kuala Lumpur

Offering an innovative approach to education, forest schools are believed to first originate in Denmark in 1952 when Ella Flatau used to take her four children to a nearby forest, and soon other parents and their children began to join her. This led to the forming of a ‘walking kindergarten’ and the idea soon caught on. This type of child-led and play-based approach of learning in nature was eventually adopted in countries like Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Norway, the United Kingdom, and more as practitioners began to recognize the benefits of a more holistic approach to education. Here, we dig a little deeper into the philosophy behind forest schools and list out where you can find them in Kuala Lumpur and surrounding areas.


  • Forest School Kuala Lumpur


    Forest Schools practice a child-led and play-based learning that centers on outdoor play in nature to encourage a direct engagement of all the five senses and environmental stewardship. It is thought that the inspirational learning  will happen by stimulating the child's innate curiousity and sense of wonder. The Forest School approach is underpinned by the Danish philosophy of friluftsliv which believes that raising children in nature can help them experience freedom, fresh air, and a spiritual connection to the earth. The Forest School approach encourages play, exploration, and supports risk-taking to help children develop confidence and self-esteem in a natural setting.

  • Little Urban Forest Kuala Lumpur


    Forest School practitioners are meant to guide children to explore their natural environments and allow the child to lead the learning experience. They will aim to eliminate risks without going overboard and focus on building trust between themselves and the students. They will also present opportunities for activities with no expected fixed outcome, and model a positive attitude towards nature play.


    Materials used in Forest Schools can be found in nature.  Children will get their hands dirty while learning about how nature works as they engage in outdoor explorative play, rain or shine. They are also encouraged to have proper, weather-appropriate attire to fully enjoy outdoor learning sessions.

  • EYC Jungle School Kuala Lumpur


    Learning is done outdoors, preferably in natural forest environments. The learning environment should be open-ended where children create their own adventures and decide how to use the resources in their environment.

  • Nature Academy Kuala Lumpur


    EYC Jungle School, www.gardenschool.edu.my

    Little Urban Forest, www.littleurbanforest.com

    Nature Academy, www.facebook.com/natureacademy1

    Kuala Lumpur Steiner Education, http://klsteinerschool.my/


    Other parts of Malaysia:

    Kindizoo Nature Play, www.kindizoo.com


    More Resources:



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